4 Ways To Protect Yourself From Dark Entities…

4 Ways To Protect Yourself From Dark Entities

Believe it or not, the astral plane is a real place that can easily be experienced by everyone. Oftentimes people catch glimpses of it at seemingly strange times: lucid dreaming, OBEs, meditation, and sometimes drugs are all doorways into the astral plane which is an entirely different dimension of the universe.  But just like any plane of existence, there are good and bad entities that inhabit the astral plane. According to eastern traditions, many of these dark spirits spend their time in places that are permeated by negative energy, such as war zones, bars, and other places.

But they’re also attracted to those who are vulnerable. There are many instances of this all over the world, including hauntings. So how do you protect yourself?

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1) Pray

Obviously, prayer is one of the oldest forms of spiritual communication. In nearly every religion or spiritual practice in world history has used prayer in one way or another. There’s a reason for this! Prayer works and has worked for countless people throughout history. Expressing your needs to a Higher Power is an important way to bring the Divine into your life. When you pray, surrender and you will always be heard and protected.

2) Change Your Thoughts

The mind is incredibly powerful. In eastern traditions, it’s taught that the mind can quite literally change reality. This is because concentration has a magnetic affect and can draw the object of your attention to you. So if you concentrate on fear, you will bring that vibration to you. Dark spirits feed off this energy, and it has the side effect of wearing down the willpower. This is why it’s so important to learn how to ground yourself in the present moment and silence your mind. Your understanding of your mind in waking life will translate into your experience of other dimensions. This keeps you from being an energetic magnet to dark energies.

3) Raise Your Vibration

One of the very best ways to protect yourself from dark astral entities is raising your vibration. Meditation, yoga, self-care, prayer, and mindfulness all lift the spirit and help us to access a deeper part of ourselves. A high vibration is sorta like a form of preventative medicine against negative astral entities, just like eating well or getting plenty of sleep is great for preventing you from getting sick. This makes you vibrationally incompatible with negative entities who want to scare you and manipulate you.

4) Clear Out Negative Energy

Another great practice is to simply do your best to clear out any energy that might attract dark entities. This can be done in a number of very effective ways:

  • Smudging– Burning sage is a quick way to kick bad vibes out of the atmosphere. Even studies show how burning sage can obliterate harmful germs in the air.
  • Singing Bowls– Playing singing bowls are a great way to disperse negative energy. They’re commonly used during yoga practice, as music therapy and sound healing and various religious ceremonies.
  • Mantras- “I am protected in all ways.”
  • Meditation- Simply meditating in that space will really change the way the vibrations feel.
  • Prayer Wheels– The prayer wheel was inspired by the concept of Buddha’s teaching – turning the wheel of dharma. Dharma, meaning the laws of the universe. It’s believed that when the wheel is spun, the practitioner is gaining wisdom and destroying negative karma.
  • Crystals– Crystals have a powerful impact on our body-mind. When placed around the home or even on the body, they have various healing effects; one of them being clearing negative energy.


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