Prenatal Pelvic Pains? The Root Chakra Is The Key…

Prenatal Pelvic Pains? The Root Chakra Is The Key

A multitude of changes are happening during pregnancy. Not only is the physical body expanding and adjusting to grow another life, but emotional and energetic transformations abound as dreams of the future and reflections on the past begin to shape expectations for the arrival of a new being. During pregnancy, pelvic girdle and sciatic-type pain in the low back and legs is fairly common as the ligaments soften and the pelvis prepares for birthing. Discomforts such as aches and sharp or shooting pain may radiate throughout the pelvis and travel down the legs.

In addition to the symptoms in the physical body—the energetic body is experiencing changes too! While the release of physical pain may be pinpointed, it can be equally beneficial to considered energetic pain, or blocks in the energy body, as well. The energy body has many different layers but the main centers, the chakras, are visualized along the central column of the body—you could imagine them almost nestled along the spine from coccyx to crown. These centers are like spinning disks, rotating more or less smoothly with the breath of our being.

At the base of the spine, is Muladhara, or the Root Chakra. Thus, it makes perfect sense that during pregnancy an expectant mother would have emotions and energetic imbalances come up pertaining to her sense of foundation or rootedness. The root chakra is also associated with fear, which is common, and certainly valid, during pregnancy with so many new things and unknowns ahead!

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Considerations of the transition into a new role as Mother may mean uprooting from past associations or identities.

Not to say that everything is destroyed, but like building an addition on to an existing building, adjustments must be made to establish that new footprint with stability. It can be valuable too when assessing imbalances to bring focus to the specific pain in the physical body and see if any associations can help in balancing energies. For example, the back of the body connects most specifically with our past, the right side being the self and personal identity, and the left being family and relationships.

By attending to the root chakra we can reassess a firm foundation, find balance, and ensure our own needs are clear and being met. That sense of comfort, security, and stability can be passed on to children—even in utero! Here are some tools for releasing pelvic pain in the physical body and restoring energetic balance in the Root chakra.

1. Yoga Postures — Yoga poses can help release muscle tension that can be causing pain and encourage relaxation in the mind and body. Always consult with your midwife or physician before exploring a yoga regime. Poses to try: Virasana (Hero’s Pose), Cat/Cow movement, Floating Marichyasana, Baddha Konasana

2. Journaling — Taking time to write out how you feel and empty your mind can help you be honest with yourself and assess blocks. Journaling can be an especially helpful tool too when your energy is low or pain prevents your normal actives. Explore these guiding questions. What is your current foundation? What changes will be necessary? What type of foundation do you want to lay for your future family?

3. Meditation — Find a comfortable seated position. Begin by noting your connection to your seat, maybe rock back and forth or draw small pelvic circles to feel your center, then grow tall from that space. Repeat to yourself. I am grounded. I am safe. I trust myself. Explore for 5-15minutes or until you feel complete.

Not only will these practices bring benefit on a pre-natal journey, but the child will have these experiences ingrained in the fabric of their being, even before birth.


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