Practical Guide To Balancing College & Spirituality…

Practical Guide To Balancing College & Spirituality

College can be exhausting. Unpredictable results, demanding profs, and gut-wrenching exams. Competition is everywhere, and you feel like everyone is so much better than you. There’s pressure and expectations that you have to meet. This is all too familiar for me who is studying in a top state university in Asia. To top it all, dealing with online classes!

Good luck to our sanity.

As a Finance student, I encounter jargons and technical terms that are really hard to digest. I read academic reports, laws, and historical origins – all are which incredibly boring and draining to read. Thankfully, I found comfort to meditation and journaling – something I look forward to do each day.

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Tarot reading

I recently got in tarot reading this year. Dipping my toes in such hobby introduced me in a lot of underlying life philosophies, all a step further to reach our higher purpose. I was enlightened. Tarot cards are like money. Money is just paper but it’s the people who put value and power into that paper. Same with tarot cards. The beauty of tarot cards is that they are rich with symbols, and you can relate to anything under the sun. My favorite aspect of tarot cards are the Four Elements – fire, water, air, and earth. I’m an elemental tarot reader because I believe magic comes from nature. When I mean magic, it’s literally anything people can do because they spent their energy making them and believing they will work.

There are other aspects like witchcraft, astrology, numerology, chakra healing, mediumship, and palmistry. Of course, anyone can choose their specific niche. I like to stick with the most natural method, and one that I’m more interested about.

Buying only one tarot card would do the trick. It will be your best friend forever.


The good thing about journaling is that you never run out of options. Bullet journal, scrapbook, diary, or blogging. If it can help sort your thoughts, then choose whatever that works for you.

My first ever journal was the one I made in high school. All the habit trackers, list of gifts, brain dump, daily routines, quotes, scrap of magazines, and super fancy designs. I loved it, and I based it off from the videos I watched on Youtube or the resources I found online.

College comes in, and I still wanted something similar. Yet my schedule is packed and I barely have time to rest, so what do I do? I was working as a part-time accountant and I promised myself to buy a 5-Year Journal. I immediately ordered it online, it has 365 questions that I can answer for five years. It’s so simple, and it doesn’t need a lot of work. I love answering questions, and even for a few minutes, my brain would stop thinking about school-related stuff and just answer silly questions. I still use it religiously today. As of writing this blog, the question of the day is: “What’s your favorite snack food?” I answered BBQ fries, of course. (How about you, what’s your favorite? Comment below!) Anyway, the point is you will get to know yourself better.

The recent journal activity that’s keeping me busy is my tarot journal. It helps me meditate, learn tarot, and improve myself simultaneously. The benefits are truly rewarding. I follow the tarot spreads on Tarot books and I read my tarot cards. I would write down and reflect about the meanings, and would post on my blog once I’m done. It’s my favorite because it makes me hopeful about the future, it increases my consciousness, and it increases my ability as a tarot reader.


Did it work to keep my college life more bearable? Well… I actually recently became the Class Topnotcher this semester… (not to brag, for credibility purposes only – but still, I worked hard for it so I’ll accept the compliment with my whole heart) It’s a proof I managed it to balance it well!

Exploring any aspect of your life as a young adult is extremely important. May it be sexuality, love, relationships, career, beauty, and most of all – spirituality. If we are able to take care of the outside or external, we can also take initiative to seek what’s inside. These trying times is when we uplift each other. Cheers to college life!


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Cristela Mejica


Tarot and Oracle reader on Youtube. Owner of Finance college student. Writer on Wattpad.

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