The 3 Powerful Stages Of Awakening Kundalini Energy…

The 3 Powerful Stages Of Awakening Kundalini Energy

As we awaken our kundalini energy we go through 3 important steps. And none of these steps can be disregarded… everyone must go through all them in order to fully awaken their kundalini energy. This may take one lifetime or millions of lifetimes… in general, most people take many lifetimes to awaken.

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Stage 1 – At this Stage, We are Only Interested in Physical Needs

This is the stage of ego – This is the first step in the process of becoming awake. This includes most people who are only interested in food, water, a place to live and creature comforts. This is the basic reptilian brain functioning and thus we are not that different from animals that only want food and the comforts of the body. This is a primal stage where ego takes over and controls our every move. But many people move through this stage of life and progress to step two a higher stage of development. But many never do and thus they stay stuck in stage one forever.

Stage 2 – Emotional and Intellectual Needs Are Important at This Stage

At this point, our ego is still in control but we start to understand our emotional and intellectual needs and start to heal our mind and body. At this stage, we start to understand our feelings and thoughts. We start to heal old wounds and start looking at our mental processes… and start understanding that we are not the one doing the thinking. Our increase in vibrational energy slowly moves us away from ego… not completely yet… but we are working on it. And at this point, we are starting to awaken to the supreme self that resides within. We start to heal our old baggage and emotional wounds and start to become joyous and happy. This is a milestone in our process of becoming truly enlightened.

Stage 3 – We Become a Truly Spiritual Being in this Stage

At this stage, something changes and we let go of our ego and know that everything is connected. We understand that we are pure consciousness that goes on forever and that we are one with all that exists now, in the past, and in the future. We learn to ascend this bodily plane of existence and learn how to reach out beyond our body to help those in need of healing. These are true “Ascended Masters” and there are very few who attain this stage of development. Most people stay in stages one and two… but a few do make it to this last stage of spiritual development. These masters understand everything and see the interconnection of all that exists. They are humble, loving, kind, giving, caring, compassionate, they love God and know that they are part of pure God reality, and thus they help those who are suffering. At this point, they can transcend their body and are one with the cosmos… thus all the laws of nature and science don’t apply to them… they are spiritual beings… self-realized beings.

Where are you in your process of awakening your kundalini energy?


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