10 Powerful Self-Love Tips For Ascension And Awakening…

10 Powerful Self-Love Tips For Ascension And Awakening

When we awake and we ascend, we go through a complete change in our awareness and consciousness and the way we take care of ourselves changes completely. First things first, I would like to clarify a couple of concepts that are going to help you to understand why self-love is so important, no matter the stage we are in our spiritual journey.

The basis of any spiritual practice is self-love.

As we experience Oneness and Wholeness we realize that we cannot love other people, animals, nature, the entire planet, if we don’t love ourselves first.

A person, a being who doesn’t love himself, he is not able to love anybody else. It is as simple as that.

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Learning unconditional love means learning unconditional love for ourselves.

But how do we know if we are loving ourselves? This question might sound silly but considering how much programming we have been given since birth, sometimes it’s very difficult to recognize if we are doing enough for ourselves or we are simply following what society expects us to do. If you are a woman and a mother, you might have been told that your kids must be the most important thing about your life and so you might think that loving your kids more than anything is the way to go. But what about yourself?

If you are a man, they might have told you that your first responsibility is to be a provider, make your spouse happy, be the strong one and so you might think your self-worth is related to how much happiness you can provide. But what about you?

Very often, self-love and sense of self-worth are connected

The less perfect we think we are, the less we love ourselves and the more we give to others in a desperate attempt to receive that love. We are not able to feel for ourselves in the first place — and this is where we give our power away forming attachment, co-dependency, and judgment.

Society has programmed us to feel NOT enough in any situation. At school, at work, in our relationships, in our clothing, as human beings in general. The biggest challenge during a spiritual awakening and ascension is the ability to transcend all the human limiting beliefs, fears, and blockages.

The answer to what seems like a very painful and difficult process is SELF-LOVE.

10 powerful self-love tips:

Here 10 powerful self-love tips for ascension and awakening.

  1. Experience pure gratitude and this is possible only if we go from lack and never enough to more than enough to attract even more abundance.
  2. Share who you really are, share your story from your heart. Every single human being on this planet in this life and in many past lives has experienced trauma and disappointment at some point. The power of sharing our struggle is the first step to let it go helping others in the process.
  3. Set boundaries. As humans, we are used to thinking that the more we say yes and the more we have other’s approval, the more we are liked by others without even thinking about the consequences of this behavior. Reality is that you are the only one who knows your own limits, the limits of what you can give, and the limits of what you can take.
  4. Be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for help.
  5. Observe. Our power as spiritual beings lies is realizing that we are not our emotions and our behavior. Emotions are temporary states that can be triggered by external or internal causes. Either way, observing the temporary emotions and avoiding any emotional reactions is liberating for our heart.
  6. Forgiveness. This tip doesn’t come easy to everyone. It is very easy for us as humans to forgive a good friend or someone who is nice to us most of the time, but what about forgiving someone who has hurt us, left us into pieces? It doesn’t come so natural, does it? When we awaken and we ascend, we understand that we are all souls on a journey and that person or that situation that we defined as bad initially could now have different meanings.
  7. Speak to yourself as you would speak to your best friend, your partner, your child. This tip is so powerful that it can change your perception of yourself immediately.
  8. Let go of society’s expectations. The main human fears and limiting beliefs revolve around perfection, space, time, and death. Perfection is how society wants us to be, space has to do with where and how society wants us to live, the time has to do with when society wants us to live and death is the limit that society gives us to exist. As you can see, society easily controls every single aspect of our lives, programming us since birth to reject our imperfections, our age, our body, and our perceptions, constantly feeding us that “I am not enough” seed thought. When we understand that time, space, perfection, and death are just illusions of the 3rd dimension, there is nothing left to be scared of.
  9. Experience joy in alignment with your true self. We co-create our own reality with the Universe itself: The Universe wants us happy and gives us exactly what we want, projecting outside what we create inside of us.
  10. Be authentic to yourself. Many times as humans we find ourselves in situations where we are so busy looking for significance that we hide behind a mask. Lifting that mask is the biggest gift we can give ourselves. It’s like saying, “This is me and I am proud of myself and I love myself regardless of what other people think.”


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