7 Playful Questions To Encourage Enlightenment…

7 Playful Questions To Encourage Enlightenment

Enhance your spiritual development during these thought-provoking times. It can actually be fun and inspiring. I have designed seven playful questions to engage your imagination, to open your heart, and to guide you on a soulful path toward enlightenment. Enjoy!

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PLAYFUL QUESTION #1: what do you deny yourself?

Denial is the first stage in healing the soul. At first, you don’t want to see that healing is required…ignorance is to ignore. You don’t even want to know that you’ve been hurt. What occurs here is the telling of truth to yourself. You begin to let go of illusion. As you remove denial you discover a strong hidden undercurrent. What is this undercurrent? Could you be denying something that you truly want?

Hint: Maybe you are in a relationship and you are denying how painful and unloving it is. Once you realize that you have been denying yourself love, you can work to heal the relationship or make a choice to find love anew. You now know that you wish to love and be loved.

PLAYFUL QUESTION #2: are you a sensualist?

The second stage of healing toward enlightenment is to become more sensitive to your instinctual nature. Encountering phenomenon, without denial, allows you to heighten your senses. This awareness to being fully present is what unwraps gifted knowing. It is not logical. The embodiment of wisdom within your body is awakened. When you look, you see, when you listen, you hear, when you touch, you fell what you are touching, and when you smell, you notice the fragrance, and when you eat you really taste…and by the way have you noticed a sixth sense emerging?

Hint: If you spend time studying only your mind, see if you can bring back awareness of the body as well. Sometimes we get stuck in our thoughts and we forget to acknowledge the wisdom of body-knowing. Ask yourself questions like…”Where do I feel that in my body?” :What am I feeling when I think that thought?” Body sensation can lead to a better understanding your emotions.

PLAYFUL QUESTION #3: who are you?

All the great wisdom traditions ask the great spiritual question…”Who are you?” This requires the gift of observation. When you observe, who is the one looking? Can you see or sense the consciousness that is watching your thoughts and feelings? I suggest that what you perceive is also a reflection of who you are. At any given moment you can connect to a much greater knowing by having a much greater understanding of the Self.

Hint: If you just bought a white car, do you now notice more white cars on the road? If you describe your pet’s personality does it somehow also sound like you? Notice how you notice and also what you might have missed.

PLAYFUL QUESTION#4: do you love yourself?

What is love but the awareness of connection. Imagine the green in nature. It is our essential oxygen. The heart pumps and shares this oxygen. Miraculous things happen in the heart. Forgiveness works wonders, and sympathy can flower. This is not done with reason alone. You cannot live without the heart. You cannot grow spirituality without opening the heart. Love is born here. Explore its caring essence. As you shine compassion on yourself you can see hidden aspects… including your shadow side. As you open your heart, allow a deep appreciation for the sacred aspect of your own life. Soon you will come to know that “all life is sacred,” and you are love. You are born from love, you are made of love, and you can be love.

All Life is Sacred…Bruce Burger

Hint: We learn how to love better by being loved, by knowing who we truly are, and by noticing our unloving actions along the way to being more loving.

“I mean, really learning loving-kindness comes from watching how unloving we are sometimes…Love is not what we become but who we already are.” -Stephen Levine

Sometimes we are faced with a lack of forgiveness. We cannot forgive ourselves unless we notice our mistakes. Forgiveness is not condoning hurtful actions. It is For…Giving! It is understanding with compassion. You can tell that you have forgiven when it no longer hurts! You can tell if you love yourself if your self-talk is mostly kind, and you take time to nurture yourself, and you wish you share this love with others.

PLAYFUL QUESTION#5: what does it mean to speak your truth?

To act with integrity, you must have integrated yourself: self-understanding and transpersonal understanding: thoughts, feelings, intention, words, and action are all being asked to work in harmony. Integration leads to Wholeness, which shares the same root as the words “health, heal, and holy.” When you speak your truth, it becomes conscious and kind. Only then will the world receive the best of what humanity has to offer. You perceive your interconnectedness with all things. You promise to be the best you can be.

When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another… Helen Keller

Hint: Some of my clients have told me stories like this… “I spoke my truth! I told him I don’t need him, I don’t want him, and I wish he would leave!” When actually, what they really felt was “I do want you, I desire you, and I wish you would stay and love me forever.” This takes true honesty with includes understanding of the self and knowing that fear can intrude upon love until you find integration.

PLAYFUL QUESTION#6: are you psychic?

With integrity and healing, as you promise to seek and honor a higher commitment, synchronicities arrive. They guide you toward the Divine Connection you need to fulfill your Self as a “God-realized being,” “Higher Self,” or “Universal Light”….whatever you feel called to. Promise Unveils this Divine connection and you become highly sensitive to receiving a different way of knowing. The invisible becomes visible in your life. You “dance” your holy union, and your Divine connection leads toward stillness and Peace.

Hint: Do you know who is going to call? Did you have a dream that foretold something significant? Did those two people walking by just discuss what you were thinking about yesterday? Are your hunches offering guidance, and have you learned to listen to unseen clues for what choices to make. Is your meditation practice deepening?

PLAYFUL QUESTION#7: are you able to be still and not abandon yourself?

You have set free your spoken word, your gesture, your elemental self-expression. Where does this expression come from, where does it go? You do nothing to know nothing. You do nothing to know everything. Be calm as you celebrate the Sabbath and give up all struggle. Lose yourself and merge with what is to know peace. Here, you open to surrender, not as a relinquishing of freedom but as a pathway to it. Paradox prevails as this offering of self to the Divine actually expands you. You enjoin with all that is…a merging of consciousness and being with the One.

Dedication to divine consciousness and trusting the universe arises. You integrate your consciousness and subconsciousness into the super-consciousness. It is a learning about spirituality. Searching for Divine connection, you are brought into stillness. In the stillness you learn to listen. You listen as unification, bliss, and peace prevail, leading you ever toward Enlightenment!

Hint: Can you stay in the stillness? Do not abandon yourself. Stay. The miraculous will be revealed to you. Stay still and open your mind and heart. Allow. Stay. Be Still. The Wonderous will come to you in ecstasy.


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