If A Person Dies An Unnatural Death By Accident Then Is It Also Due To His Or Her Karma?…

If A Person Dies An Unnatural Death By Accident Then Is It Also Due To His Or Her Karma?

Countless unimaginable and unexpected events, such as plane crashes, road accidents, bombing, fire, floods, earthquakes, or even tornadoes, keep happening around the world, causing the unnatural death of so many people.

So, is it because of the person’s karma that he or she dies such unnatural death?

The answer is yes! Everyone is experiencing the consequences of their own karma. Even the manner of death is determined by the person’s karma.

In certain cases, one may wonder that ‘this person was such a charitable soul, then how come he died such unnatural death.’ We wonder because we do not know what karmic burden that person was carrying. Unlike man-made laws, the law of karma is inviolable, flawless, and always just. Nothing happens to anyone without a reason.

We all are the masters of our fate; in the sense that it is our own karmas that chalk out our destiny. But most of us cannot see the connection between the things that happen to them in this life and the actions (perhaps of a past life or lives) that set into motion the science of karma.

Given this fact, the next question that arises in our mind is how do we free ourselves of the karmas we’ve bound in our past lives?

Depending on the kind of karma (causes) we’ve bound in our past life, accordingly are its results (effects).

  1. The effects of karma that are lightly bound can be eliminated with prayers when done heartily.
  2. If the karma is relatively severe, to eliminate its effects, an added spiritual effort is required.
  3. And if the karma is too sticky, then no matter how strong our spiritual effort may be, there is no escape from the suffering. We have to bear it. But how we bear it or how we deal with it is what determines our freedom in actual terms.

Param Pujya DadaBhagwan says – There is only one way to deal with the unfolding karmas, bound by us in our previous life. And that is through peace and equanimity! You should not have a single bad thought regarding the other person. You should remain very well aware of the fact that you are experiencing the result of your own karma (your past deeds) only; and that whatever the person may be doing to you is all on account of your own karma. You should understand that you are suffering because of your own deeds; and not because of any person, thing or situation in your life. Only then you will get freedom (liberation)!

Can karma not stop occurring altogether in our life?

It certainly can!

It is when one experiences that, ‘I am not this body; I am a Pure Soul’, the person stops binding new karmas. The old karmas however will continue to unfold until they are completely exhausted; but once we realize really ‘who am I’, no new karma will bind!

But this can happen only when Gnani Purush, through his divine powers, crushes all our deluding karma and gives us Self-Realization. After that, new karmas do not bind, and old karmas continue to bear effects and shed off. When all the karmas are finished, we attain freedom from karma, which means ultimate liberation from all sufferings.

Thus, our topmost priority in life should be to meet the Living Gnani, who can grace us with Self-Realization and put us on the path of liberation from our karmas, at the earliest!!


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