Past Lives: What They Tell Us About This Life…

Past Lives: What They Tell Us About This Life

Knowing about past lives can be very intriguing. What influence does a past life have on me in this life? What does it mean if I meet a soulmate from a past life? Is knowing my past life helping me to create change in this life? My answer, most of the time, is: Well, knowing about your past lives is very intriguing, but still, whatever happens in this life, you have to figure it out in this life, no matter what.

If we are facing challenges with someone for example, knowing about the past life is not gonna help us much, because how we respond to that person right here, right now, has to do with our early childhood conditioning from this life. This, in turn, comes back to healing the root chakra and getting to know ourselves in our second chakra, the center for our passions needs and wants and our ability to set clear boundaries. What happened in a past life, yes, can have an influence on us in terms of karma we still have to work through with a particular person. But our response to how we deal with it is majorly influenced by our experiences and beliefs, which have been formed in this life.

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On Soul Contracts

A soul contract that has been made long time ago, to meet a love of that life again for example, or to take care of a lost child in the next life, can play out as an energy that pulls us literally together iagain through circumstances that can only be described as fate. But how we behave in these fateful meetings with the other soul has entirely to do with our character and personality traits we developed in this life, not the past life. Of course, the more we recognize that this encounter was a fateful one, which helps us to transcend karma and learn an important lesson, the more we can enjoy it.

But it can also mean, that even when there is a soul contract from a past life, it might be actually quite challenging to meet again in this life because the old love and connection is still there, but the personalities and characters are simply so different in this life. While the inner energy matches, the outside circumstances are not fitting at all. This is when it gets really challenging and a lot of questions come up: Why, why, why? In this case it helps to know, of course, if the person that we feel so tremendously attracted to, but can´t seem to find a common ground together, was a past love or a lost friend or family member. It just makes it easier to understand for the mind why things are as they are and by combining the power of the heart and the power of the mind, we can understand what the lesson is to be learned here so that our soul can evolve.

Experiencing a Karmic Encounter

So basically, knowing about the past life or not, does not matter much, because what matters is what we need to learn from the meeting and the challenges of it. Because this does not only have to do with this particular person, but rather with where our blind spots are and what we need to learn most in this life. It’s about getting clear on our needs and wants and how we can meet these in this lifetime.

What happens in a karmic encounter from a past life might just amplify the issues more, as the attraction is so immensely big and out of the ordinary. The flipside is though, that projections on that person also become bigger and the attached hope for an extraordinary event in life as well. However, the past life person helps us to see more clearly where our issues in this life lie, to then find a way to clear them.

Benefits of Knowing Past Lives

Again, back to this life.

Coming back to the basics: What do I need? What do I want? And how do I communicate that in a way that the other person (and I) respect(s) my boundaries, so that I am happy and the other one as well. And that´s also what self-love is all about, even if that has to do with the heart chakra and not the second one, but there is an obvious link here.

So what are the benefits of knowing about past lives?

To be really honest with you, if you want to know why someone attracts you immensely, or why you are afraid of being seen and showing your greatest gifts publicly (witch hunts in Europe maybe?) or why you keep having recurring dreams or why you are immensely attracted to places in the world you actually have no idea about, it does help. It helps to explain logically why that is, which gives a feeling of peace. Nonetheless, since this life is about living in this life, we might as well also forget about the past lives and simply live day to day the best way we can, always coming back to the basics:

  • What do I want?
  • What do I need?
  • What do I have to do in order to get what I want and need?

And then past lives become what they are, of the past, not the present moment. Have you had any encounters that might have been of a past life? How did they feel?

Tell me more in the comments!


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