Our Hidden Magnificence Can Be Found…

Our Hidden Magnificence Can Be Found

Enlightenment means literally aligning to the Energy of my Source. And genius is only about focusing.” – Abraham Hicks

My biggest prayer to the universal source as of late has been, “Please get me out of the way, and allow me to feel the magnificence of who I truly am. Please get my self-sabotaging thinking out of the way, so I can experience true connection and self-love. PLEASE!”

This feeling of connection is something I like to call the ‘zone’. It is the feeling of flow, and quieting the loud thinking of my mind. A feeling that there is no time and that this moment is all there is.

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Being in the Zone

Presence is a heightened sense of focus and attention that equates to pure joy that is felt from the inside out. What happens in these moments of presence in the zone is that I somehow get out of the way. By I what I am referring to is fear, doubt, thinking, insecurity, limitations: everything that holds me back from unlimited potential.

These zone moments usually come when I am kayaking a difficult rapid, surfing a wave, walking alone in the wilderness, cycling, making art, dancing, or meditate in prolonged periods. It’s the place that artists get into when they are painting, musicians feel when they are in the middle of playing, and athletes get into when they are fully focused on their sport.

Lately, I have been reviewing all of these zone moments of my life. They are replacing my normal trains of thought, which usually is about some past event that I feel bad about, or some future event that I imagine with the worst possible outcome. What I am realizing is that this zone connection can be with me more often than not, and I don’t need to be kayaking over a waterfall or surfing a wave to feel it! I have understood this conceptually for a few years now, since I began searching for deeper meaning in my life by jumping on the spiritual path.

All About Surrender

I am not one for half measures. If I dive in, I dive into the deep end.

I have made many trips to India: submerged myself in devotion to Mother Ganga (the Ganges River), practiced yoga, conscious breath work and meditation with disciplined dedication, listened to spiritual masters, chanted mantras and sung my heart out in devotion. I have fully surrendered. In this place of surrender I feel enormous freedom, because although I am the one surrendering, I know there is a bigger energy that is at work through me.

This is how I am learning to connect.

Change from Within

I can hear the skeptics reply, “It doesn’t sound like freedom to me. It sounds like you are chasing an ethereal carrot.”

Unless you make a conscious choice to change and adopt different behaviors nothing will change. Choosing the right next action will bring you closer to a positive result. I believe we are responsible for our own realities. It is a lot easier to place blame outside of us for our problems. If you had my childhood, my husband, my children, my life, you would do numbing behaviors too, such as alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, TV, sex, and gambling, to name a few. 

Playing the victim card we think is trumping our behavior. Truth be told if we create our reality that means we create our problems. Sitting in the same pattern, doing what you have always done will always bring the same result. The only way to change the outside is to change the inside. And adopting this new paradigm has been my path to change.

Life is meant for living, and most of my life I have secretly hated this fact. I have used and abused alcohol, drugs, and any other thing I thought would help me escape from being in a body on Earth. I honestly just never wanted to be here. I have always had a close connection with spirit beyond the body. Existence behind the veil is magnificent, beautiful, peaceful, and expansive. Actually, being in the physical form is far worse than death. I have never feared death because I have always known that losing the body is extremely liberating.

Realizing Our True Essence

The real test is bringing the magnificence of our essence into living in a body. Most of us want to love and accept ourselves, feel our magnificence, be all of who we are, shine bright and share our gifts with the world. In my opinion, this is the whole point of being on Earth, to remember the magnificence of who we truly are.

I have recently returned back home to Bali after my latest pilgrimage to India. One of my rituals is bringing back holy water from The Ganges River.

As I was placing the cap on one of the bottles I had just filled from the river an amazing realization hit me: The water I have put in this bottle is the same as the water flowing in this massive river. There is no difference! The only difference is the bottle. The container. The inside is exactly the same as the source I took it from. The proverbial penny dropped! This is what these spiritual masters have been telling me over and over. That we are all one and there is no separation. We are the same as the source we came from. It all made sense then. If I were to decide to pour the water from the bottle back into the river the water would still be there. The bottle is no longer necessary.

My essence is the magnificence of me, whether it is contained in this body or not. This body is just my temporary container. It isn’t who I am. Neither are my accomplishments or achievements.

I am my essence, my magnificence. I am the source from which I have come.  I am only a temporary visitor here in this body. I have come to remember what I have forgotten. And this is it. This is what I have forgotten. Thoughts are the veil that keeps us separated from our magnificence. The point of most spiritual practice is to quiet the mind.

How To Discover Your Magnificence

How do we move beyond the collective consciousness of lack, scarcity, and not feeling good enough?

Try this right now: Take five deep breaths, place your entire focus and attention on your breath, put your thoughts on hold, and feel what is there. What is beneath the chatter? Tell your thoughts you will attend to them in five breaths so they don’t panic and just explore this idea. What is there when the thoughts are on hold?

If five breaths feel too hard, start with one or two. Put all of your focus and concentration on one full breath. Then notice what comes up.

At this stage, the mind will start feeling like it is going down with the ship and will start to throw a tantrum. It is probably telling you, “This is a bad idea, this is wasting time, you really need to be concerned with your grocery list, you need to get your nails done next Monday, what that person said to you while you were in line at Starbucks wasn’t very nice.” 

The mind will create one million and one mundane useless messages that don’t serve you or your magnificence. But when in the zone, thinking stops. It simply isn’t there. You may be thinking, “What if I have never experienced this zone space before? How do I get in the zone?”

Start today by creating some quiet space alone, with no other people, input, or distraction. Then start with five breaths and then expand to five minutes. Focus on your breath and if thoughts jump in tell them you see them, but don’t follow them. Allow them to pass like clouds overhead or a leaf floating down the river. Become the observer. Just watch, without judgment.

Truly be with yourself for five minutes every day. Ask yourself, “Who am I? Who am I beyond my thinking? What does the bigger me feel like? Who is the one watching my breath?”

You may start to feel her now that she has a little space to appear.Your magnificence may emerge as a subtle feeling of playfulness, lightness, freedom, expansion, joy, peace, calm, or space. Now sit with her, your magnificence, and let her be here for the next five minutes. Welcome her home.

This is your truth. This is who you really are! You don’t need to go to India, meditate for years in a cave or climb to the top of the Himalayas to connect with her. Your magnificence is here right now. All it takes is a commitment to her that you will create space in your day for her to simply BE.

Start with five breaths. It could be the most important five breaths you ever take.


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