One Thing That Might Be Killing Your Manifestation Buzz…

One Thing That Might Be Killing Your Manifestation Buzz

Ah, manifestation. So many of us talk about it, many more of us are consciously doing it and some of us have no clue what the hell it is. If you are one of the latter, take a look around-you’re living your current manifestation. Manifestation can best be summed up as the Magician card of the Tarot, where all of us are the magicians.

The thing about life though is that we come into these bodies and we instantly forget that we are the magicians because we are raised in less than ideal homes and we are hypnotized by the media and social media. We are taught who we can be, which most often is just a mere glint of what is actually possible for us. We tend to focus on our human experience and we create limitations for ourselves based on what other people tell is us possible or through our own seeming failures.

We then continue to live within these limitations because it provides a sense of safety. Many of us create lives based on subconscious beliefs about our worth and what we deserve in life because not many of us are taught about how our subconscious operates in order to keep us safe and how it will continually attract the things, situations and people to us that feel familiar because that is all it knows.

Then one day we have an “aha” moment. Something pivotal happens and our lives as we know it gets tossed on it’s head. All of the things we’d been hiding from ourselves fly out of the pockets of life’s jeans and we’re left wondering how to start cleaning up our inner world so that we can live in alignment with what feels true to our soul essence.

That moment of utter uncertainty is the moment we decide it is time to start remembering our truth.

What we learn is that in order to remember the truth of our existence there is usually a lot of inner work that needs to be done first. This inner work can run the gamut of therapy, to energy work, breath work, yoga, meditation, affirmations, hypnosis, nutrition and the like. All that inner work can lead to what I like to call the manifestation buzz.

You feel high on life. You feel like the universe has your back, like you are infinitely supported, that you really can have it all. And then it happens-you start feeling about what you want for you life, you start listening to your God-Mind and you start keeping the faith that everything you want is on its way and sure enough things start to arrive.

You feel elated, you feel like the Magician of the Tarot deck and then boom one night you have a few drinks to celebrate and the next day you are back to low-vibe energy all day long (not to mention the terrible hangover). This is a recipe to set you off course. So what do I mean by low vibe energy exactly?

Human beings have an auric field that extends out around them about 3 feet or so in diameter. Our auric fields are created by our vibration of light within the body which when we experience feelings of love or joy we are at our highest vibration while feelings of anger and resentment lowers our vibration-thus affecting our energy field. The smaller the energy field around us, the harder it will be for opportunities to find us.

Alcohol tends to lower our energy field. In fact, it has been suggested that the word alcohol appears to have its roots in the Arabic word الغول al-ġawl meaning ghoul or spirit and given the use of alcohol to extract the essence of a substance (i.e. essential oils) health enthusiast Jason Christoff argues that alcohol could therefore extract the essence of a human soul-thus making a person more susceptible to neighboring dark entities.

In my experience, I never walked away after a night of drinking feeling particularly great about myself. Most of the time, new feelings of shame would arise, I wouldn’t eat well, I didn’t take care of myself and I was often left with even more darkness to clear out. I found that alcohol tends to be a complete manifestation buzz kill!

As an energy healer and lover of all things mystic- I finally understood that alcohol was not my friend when it came to manifesting and letting it go has been essential on my path to conscious manifestation. I firmly believe that when we can start breaking away from the hypnosis that society would prefer us to be under and start living in alignment with our soul essence and truth- we are given an opportunity of direct connection with source energy.

We can experience the buzz of divinity pulsating through our veins and we no longer feel the need to experience those sensations with manmade substances that take us further out of alignment with where we are desiring to go. I understand if you are not quite ready to let go of your nightly cocktail, especially around the holidays, so who would I be if I didn’t at least leave you with a delicious fall mocktail recipe to try! Happy Manifesting!!

Recipe adapted from Spindrift

Sparkling Apple Cider:


3 oz Apple Cider

4 oz Sanpallegrino Limonata

Apple Slices



Pour cider over ice, top with Limonata and garnish with apple slices

<span>Photo by <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditCopyText”>Cristian Escobar</a> on <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditCopyText”>Unsplash</a></span>


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