How Numerology Can Assist In The Spiritual Journey…

How Numerology Can Assist In The Spiritual Journey

In the simplest terms, numerology is a blueprint of the various potentials that each person possesses. These potentials are discovered through a process of divination. Divination is defined as “discovering what is hidden or obscure”.

A person’s full name and complete birth date provides a tremendous amount of information that can literally change a person’s life. Only if the person that is receiving the information, is willing to accept and take action on their newly realized potential. Potential is defined as “that which is possible, better and preferable,” additionally potential is defined as “power, might and force.” When thought of in such a context, I truly believe everyone deserves to fulfill and find their full potential. However, numerology is not a magic pill or instant cure, no more so than engaging in astrology, palmistry, tarot, crystals, incense, sage, angel feathers, calling on ancestors, gods, demons or spirit guides, spiritual baths, spiritual oils, wearing colors that identify with the energy of a specific day of the week, wearing copper jewelry, reading numerous spiritual, metaphysical or occult books, nor listening to a motivational speaker, if the information is not internalized and actually utilized.

In plain English, if it is not believed then nothing is going to happen. Change is not going to happen. I can tell you what will happen if you keep doing and believing in the same old thing or the same old people. You will get the same old sh?$, that you do not like. A person has to not only want the change but, be willing to take the action that leads to the change, no matter how cliche that may sound.

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It requires a sense of belief

Numerology potential is no different. The core information that is found within numerology is known as the Birthday number, Life Path number, Destiny number, Soul number, Outer Personality number, and the Maturity number. One of the key benefits that people receive within a numerology reading is the discovery or rather confirmation of a skill, talent or direction in life that was always considered yet, the confidence to go in that direction or encouragement to engage in those hunches or better yet, to follow that spiritual guidance was always lacking.

Often the encouragement is really all that was ever needed for an individual to make a life change, a much-needed life change. For others, the box that life can place on a person can completely consume some individuals and they are desperately seeking a way out. The person may have looked everywhere for a solution to this nagging feeling that would not leave them alone. Yet, they never considered looking within themselves for a solution. Perhaps, they may have heard some “Guru” say on a YouTube video or in a blog post the advice of “looking within for the answers.” But, most people do not know how to do that ish! Yet, they pretend like they do understand, just to feel good or to try and impress friends who are more confused about life than they are.

Numerology provides the tools to take that inner look.

This article is the first in a series that will explain various readings within the divination science of Numerology.


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