A Newbie’s 7-Step Guide To The Best Yoga Retreats In The World…

A Newbie’s 7-Step Guide To The Best Yoga Retreats In The World

Find the right yoga retreat can be tough! This is how you do it.

Thinking about going for a Yoga retreat? As a newbie, it can be difficult to travel to a new destination and find something meaningful. A retreat should resonate with your choices, preferences and current lifestyle. So, how do you find a Yoga retreat?

Don’t let information overload mislead and force you to fall prey to attractive marketing banter. There is a selected range of places to travel that offer well-planned popular Yoga retreats. However, the problem arises when you have little-to-no knowledge of this whole deal and you start paying attention to hullaballoo and marketing gimmicks. A newbie retreat seeker or a first-timer health vacationer may find himself amid information overload. Do not let these aspects of your newly found passion affect you in any way.

Here is a guide to finding the best Yoga retreats in the world.

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1. Finances & booking

A perfect holiday brings joy and happiness but at the cost of your time and some money. Money has to be in alignment with your bucket list —  meaning, you should have enough financial back-up before you pack bags and leave. Start from scratch, which indicates checking ticket or retreat booking websites and finding a package that offers you everything. Choosing to go for an off-season vacation package that has added an option for adventure activities and sightseeing can be the best deal for you. As a newbie, you have to make sure that you don’t end up spending too much.

2. Retreat theme

Do you really need to understand the theme of the retreat? For instance, certain retreat organizers offer detox programs as a bonus or adventure activities like hiking as an extra activity or sometimes, a city walkthrough is a part of the overall package. Choose carefully so that you do not end up dissatisfied or overly exhausted. For instance, Thailand Yoga retreats are going to be an entirely different story than Yoga retreats in India. A yoga retreat offers you a chance to disconnect from the discord, so make sure you pin down something that resonates with your soul.

3. Consumer vs retreat intentions

This is an important factor for both sides. It is important that you do not jump onto a cult or a trend that says, “Wellness & Detox”. Wellness has many contexts to it – some people want detox, some Yoga and fine dining, and some simply want to try Yoga on a beach to relax. Every retreat organizer will come up with its own set of intentions and retreat packages, and you have to make sure you choose something that falls in line with your assumptions and expectations. Anything less in substance is only going to disappoint you emotionally and financially. The demand of the consumer should match with the Retreat intentions.

In order to have a great yoga retreat experience, you have to do the right research.

4. Accommodation

Having a quiet and comfortable cottage or a hotel to stay at is like a battle almost won. You need a safe place to come back to and retire peacefully after a long day of Yoga, trekking or maybe intense meditation. As a newbie, you must check the accommodation details at the time of retreat booking. Match your preferences to the details mentioned against each retreat plan. For solo travelers, a cottage or cheap rooms may work well, for family vacations, specific needs have to be met. Be mindful of the selection.

5. Food menu

You certainly don’t want to end up eating junk food or street food served post Yoga. Not all Yoga retreats offer a wide variety of food, and sometimes there are seafood-based dishes and other animal products included too. This might be a red flag for vegans or vegetarians taking a holiday trip. So, if you have specific dietary choices, then check for it on the website. You may also ask the customer care associated with the travel company about the retreat’s menu. Food is an integral part of the holiday planning and it becomes even more important when you are accompanied by family and friends.

6. Yoga vs rest of activities

This is an important one to remember: yoga retreats are not always just about Yoga. This is a retreat, which means a positive opportunity to disconnect from a monotonous life. With that said, it’s clear that a Yoga retreat may have an extra point to it like adventure activities, spiritual gatherings, life lessons from Yogis and Gurus, hiking or even water sports. So, what do you need to assess here?

  • What is the duration spent in Yoga classes?
  • What types of Yoga sessions are present, such as Hatha, Iyengar, or Ashtanga?
  • If you are not an athletic person or someone who wants to escape the noise of the outer world, you probably would not need extra activities included. Go for Yoga & spiritual retreats.

7. Cancellation policy & hidden costs

The last step to pinning down a perfect retreat for you is to gain information on the Cancellation Policy and (or) hidden costs.

  • Ask for the refund policy.
  • Ask about the initial payment that you need to make and enquire if it is refundable if you cancel the trip.
  • Are there any hidden costs pertinent to water, outdoor walks, use of recreational areas, therapies, or consultations?
  • Even if the information is not present in in the details, ask for them to avert chances of last-minute panic-attacks.

A piece of advice

Yoga retreats have changed the way people see and perceive health vacations and holidaying at a far-flung destination. Nowadays, touring a new place is not only about food and Instagram-perfect pictures, but seeking peace, health, joy, and satisfaction in every bit of the experience. So do not let sales banter fool you or false marketing influence your choices. Follow these easy steps for the best experience.


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