Why You Need To Energetically ‘Clear’ Your New Home ASAP, And 3 Ways To Do It…

Why You Need To Energetically ‘Clear’ Your New Home ASAP, And 3 Ways To Do It

Although it can be a lot of work, finding and moving into a new home can also be incredibly exciting. Whether the move marks a major transition in life or is just a fun new change, it is important to “wipe the slate clean” for your new home and release any energy blockages created by previous occupants. You don’t have to be extremely sensitive to energy in order for “bad vibes” to affect you. These negative vibrations can impact our health and well-being, even if we aren’t consciously aware that they are affecting us. It can hold us back from operating at a higher frequency or keep us from our ultimate desires in life.

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Energy in Homes

For example, feng shui and space clearing professionals are well aware of what can be known as a chronic “divorce home.” This is a house where a couple moves in and divorces. But the really interesting part comes from the “rinse and repeat” feature that goes on for the next couple that moves in and splits up shortly thereafter (and so forth).

The bad juju from all the negative emotions, intense arguments, and ill intentions surrounding a divorce situation in a home (or any type of traumatic event for that matter) can create negative energy forms. This is how many of us can walk into a room and have a sense that an argument had taken place earlier in that particular space. And if not cleared, these bad vibe clouds will linger and ultimately compound, perhaps even affecting the health and wellbeing of those who live in the home. Energy forms can be mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature. Think of them as sticky, invisible cobwebs which unfortunately catch repetitive negative thoughts and emotions. A home that’s been through a lot of trauma may even feel heavy because it has had layers and layers of negative energy forms that have been built up for a while.

Aside from divorce, another example of how an energy thought form can be created is when someone is very depressed and spends a lot of time in one area, such as a bedroom. This particular area will continue to house negative residue from the dark, downward spiraling thoughts of the person, and will continue to grow as long as that person has those thoughts.

Fortunately, you can take it upon yourself to help regularly clear the energy of your space to release these undesirable forms. Many people nowadays are catching on to the ancient Native American practice of smudging–where you burn a bundle of sage or other dried, aromatic plants and sweep the smoke around your home–to help lift the vibration of the space and dissipate any lingering negative energy.

Here are 3 space-clearing tips:

How to Clear Your Space

  1. Be Intentional. Set a crystal-clear intention before you start burning the smudge stick. It can be as simple as just wanting to balance the energy of your home or invite in some good vibrations. Hold this positive thought as you walk throughout your home, allowing the smoke of the sage or other herbs to permeate all rooms. Don’t forget to pay close attention to corners, as these areas can harbor a lot of energetic residue along with the regular dust!
  2. Trust in yourself and call in high-vibe support. If you’re worried about whether you’re doing it right (hey, this is subtle energy and we may not get strong impressions that anything’s “working”), just know that if you have pure intentions, there’s no way you can’t mess this up! But don’t forget you can also draw support from your higher self, guardian angels, spirit guides, source energy—whatever feels right for you—but the catch is you have to ask.
  3. Get additional assistance if needed. If it feels like there is a lot to clear or you may need some extra support, you can always reach out to a space clearing professional. This is a powerful option to release the stuck energy by wiping the slate clean, so to speak, and returning the space back to a more balanced, peaceful state. Some feng shui practitioners may include space clearing as part of their typical feng shui consultation.

As unwanted energy is released, some people will find they feel lighter or more at peace in their home. Others may notice the space looks brighter somehow, or that it feels or even smells better than before. Because this is within the subtle energy realm, everyone experiences a space cleared home differently. So just pay attention to how you feel afterward and note any changes in mood, sense of wellbeing, and energy levels. When you space clear–either personally or professionally – it helps to press the reset button for your home and dissipate any negative buildups of energy. This allows you to “set up shop” in a space that is more of a blank canvas, ready for you to deliver whatever beautiful brushstrokes and positive vibes you see fit.


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