Everything You Need To Know About Health Issues Detection Through Numerology…

Everything You Need To Know About Health Issues Detection Through Numerology

Health is the centre of everything we do. We all deal with health issues from an early age, or sometimes later on in life. Some constantly struggle with their health while others may have it easier. This article sheds light on how numerology can detect potential health issues in our life for prevention.

Health issues in the numbers

It can be hard to believe that numbers can point to certain health issues. Every number denotes a set of qualities and tendencies of a person. That helps the numerologist to analyze their clients and provide helpful advice. As you enter the world of numbers you realize they correlate with almost every aspect of our life including body, mind and spirit. For example, chakras for each number are deeply connected to our physical bodies. Hence it goes for numbers as well.

Numbers also affect both our energetic and physical constitutions. They impact not only our density and approach but also our psychological and physical health. You can look at numbers through the 4 elements (earth, water, fire, air):

  • 1 – fire and air
  • 2 – water
  • 3 – water with touches of air and fire
  • 4 – earth
  • 5 – fire and water
  • 6 – earth and water
  • 7 – air
  • 8 – fire and earth
  • 9 – fire and air

Types of health issues

All the numbers in this chart denote a direct connection to the physical dimension.

Some of the numbers are directly related to the earth element. And that contains a very strong connection to the body. Hence 4, 6 and 8 numbers very often deal with physical health issues more than other numbers. A person embodying these numbers in their core chart will always deal with a sensitive body.

Talking about the numbers 2 and 7, 2 is all water and 7 is all air. They have a very sensitive constitution. The water element impacts deep emotions and the air element impacts our mental sphere. You will often see people with strong 2’s and 7’s in their core chart that deals with psychological health issues. They might suffer from anxiety and depression more often compared to others. Number 7 also suffers from brain-related health issues like memory problems, dementia, etc. Additionally, nervous system-related issues can also be a problem here.

The fiery numbers such as 5, 8 and 9 affect the digestion, heart and blood system. For example, people with these numbers in the core chart might suffer from high blood pressure.

Fast numbers, slow numbers

There are some numbers that are slower compared to faster ones. Numbers such as 2, 4, 6 are more earthly which can be more lethargic. It can give a tendency of laziness that leads to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Faster numbers such as 5 and 8 also include lots of fire and dynamism that the person may suffer from sexual related health issues.

Is it possible to predict health issues?

Predictions are tricky in numerology, but with free numerology reading, you can take some help and it is important to be cautious with them. If a person is entering a cycle that includes a strong combination of numbers based on physical issues such as 4, 6 and 8, it is advisable for them to be more attentive to their body and overall health and make sure to stay active and exercise regularly. During that period, they are more prone to confront health issues physically.

Numbers that contradict each other

In some cases, core numbers become strong in disagreement with one another. In this case, health issues could occur. For example, if there is a combination of 7 and 5, you are likely to suffer from lots of inner confusion. The combination of 5 and 4 means they are strongly connected to the physical dimension with a higher probability of physical illness.

Also when a certain number appears in excess, for example, if one’s cycle and pinnacle are both 4 and 4, it can be pretty challenging. The excess of 4 may also lead to the emergence of the shadow side of the number, which may in many health issues. This instance is also valid when the numbers get repeated in one’s core chart as part of the 5 core calculations. Excess in the 7 core chart can lead to depression and anxiety issues.

Health issues through the numbers

The very first way is to balance your energy by connecting to the energy of complementary numbers. If you are affected by 4 and 6, it can be steady yet mild physical activity. You can also experience enough positive emotions with connection to family and loved ones.

You can take more time off and make sure that you properly listen to your needs with enough attention, find meaning in life, and study something new. These actions can revive your energies and bring you to a positive life experience.

Final words

It remains important to remember that as numerologists, they can only provide general direction to people. They can live in harmony with the cosmic energies that lead them through. Predicting the exact future can not be possible but it is important to stay humble and supportive. Also, after you refer to this article, make sure you are not concluding that you have any above-mentioned number combinations, and you may suffer from one of the conditions that are mentioned. This article is like the tip of the iceberg and only provides information that opens your mind to the world of numerology. On top of everything, it is important to stay positive and constructive because there’s always a place for change and choice.


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