3 Myths About Manifesting Your Desires You Need To Know…

3 Myths About Manifesting Your Desires You Need To Know

As a Manifestation Coach it’s my job to help people understand the law of attraction at a deeper level so they can get better results with their manifesting. Rather than using a scientific approach, I use an intuitive approach, drawing on my gifts as a claircognizant (clear knowing) and clairsentient (clear feeling) to feel into the energy of the person and pick up on where they are blocked or stuck in manifesting their desires. More often than not, I see similar patterns in people that can be traced back to beliefs we have about the law of attraction that aren’t always true, or don’t apply to every situation. Today, I want to shed light on some of these myths so that we can all have a better understanding of how to get the best possible results from our manifesting.

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Myth 1: You must be very specific about what you want

One of the first rules we learn about manifesting is that you must be very specific when asking the universe for what you want. While this can work (sometimes), it can also put you in a position where you can repel the very thing you want to attract, and I’ll explain why…

When you are very specific about what you want, it actually causes you to engage the thinking mind more than if you were to just go general around the subject. What’s so bad about engaging the thinking mind? You start to question the validity of your desires and therefore bring up feelings of fear and self doubt which then puts you in repelling mode rather than attracting mode. This is why I always recommend you ask yourself how your manifestation makes you feel. If your level of specificity makes you feel excited, then you know you are on the right track. Whereas if it brings up thoughts like: “how is this ever going to happen!”, you need to go more general.

A great example of this would be if you said to the universe that you wanted to manifest: “10 x paying clients by the 30th January”, and all of a sudden you started to worry the “how”, you would be much better off going general around the subject and instead asking in a less specific way, such as: “an influx of new aligned clients quickly”.

Myth 2: Jump and the net will appear

It’s a common belief in law of attraction circles that in order to have your desires manifest you need to prove to the universe that you are “all in”. Or, in other words, you need to make powerful declarations that show you have 100% faith that what you want is going to happen.

For example: Quitting your part-time job to go “all in” with your business.

This might seem like a good idea, but if your beliefs around the success of your business aren’t solid, the cracks will soon begin to appear. After just a couple of quiet weeks, you may start to feel stressed about where the next client is coming from, or worry about bills you have to pay, and all of these things will affect your vibration and take you out of alignment with what you want to attract. So rather than jumping and hoping the net will appear, my advice is to wait until you are so strong and steady around your belief in the success of your business, and you already have a steady flow of clients, that not even a quiet week will be able to take you out of alignment!

Myth 3: Surrendering your desires means letting them go

One of the things I personally found really frustrating when I first started manifesting was this idea that in order to fully surrender my desires to the universe I had to let them go. This concept bothered me because; how was I meant to just ‘let go’ of manifesting my soulmate or the business I was so passionate about?

Here’s what I learned…

It is absolutely necessary to release attachment around your desires, because attachment will always put you in an energy of need which will ultimately push your desires away from you. But, in order to release attachment you don’t have to give up or let go.

You just need to create what I like to call “stable energetic foundations”. What do I mean by creating stable energetic foundations? Finding practical ways to fulfil your needs so you no longer have to look for your manifestations to ‘save you’. For example: If you want to manifest a loving relationship, find ways to feel the emotions you desire (such as love and connection) now. For in doing so you will automatically release attachment around your manifestation because you won’t need your manifestation to fulfil you anymore, and this is when it will begin to show up effortlessly in your experience.


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