4 Miracles Witnessed By Thousands Of People…

4 Miracles Witnessed By Thousands Of People

Fatima, Portugal

On October 13th, 1917 in front of 70,000 people (as predicted by Mother Mary who came to the 3 little children) a miracle would take place, and it did. It was pouring rain and the sun came out and moved around the sky in amazing ways. And then all of a sudden everyone and everything was completely dry as though it never rained at all. People were astonished, and they fell to their knees and started praying. And many people have been healed of many different afflictions while visiting Fatima.

New Delhi, India

On September 21st, 1995 in New Dehli, there was an offering of milk to statues of Ganesha and the milk disappeared. Thousands of people witnessed this happening, not only in India but all around the world as it was caught on video. In India, as soon as the everyone heard about this, everything seemed to stop and everyone started to pray.

Rwanda, Africa

On November 28, 1981, in Kibeho thousands of people saw the Virgin Mary appear before their eyes as an image in the sun. People were screaming, people got down on their knees and prayed, and this happened more than once. Now they call that very spot “Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows”. It was called this because of all the atrocities that took place in Rwanda. Perhaps mankind was being told to love one another by God.

Medjugorje, Bosnia

On June 24th, 1981, six children saw a glowing image of Mother Mary, brighter than the sun, yet they had no damage to their eyes. The image spoke to them saying she was the “Queen of Peace” and the “Mother of the Redeemer”.  Mother Mary said that all religions were the right path and all religions are to be respected. The hallowed place has become a place of pilgrimage, with many people seeing the sun spinning, pulsating, changing color, and moving up and down in the sky. Many have also seen the face of Jesus in the sun, and the statue of Mother Mary speaks to many people who pray there even today.

The first 3 letters of the word “Miracle” or “MIR” has been witnessed by thousands written across the sky. Many people have been healed of many different afflictions while visiting. Rose petals fall from the sky and the smell of roses moves through the air. This phenomenon has been witnessed by thousands.

Yes, we do have thousands of modern-day miracles that happen all the time.

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