Mindful Goddess: Awakening The Innate Power Within You…

Mindful Goddess: Awakening The Innate Power Within You

The Mindful Goddess is a vision of mine for women who want to step into their infinite power and begin co-creating with the Universe. It’s the beginnings of a book I am writing, and personal ideas and imagery I use with women every day in my private practice, helping them in their journeys of self-healing, empowerment, and personal transformation.

And or the first time, I’m sharing this vision with you in a public forum space. I invite you to take a few deep breaths in and out, grounding yourself in the present moment—the Here and Now—the only moment we really ever have. I invite you now to set your intention to connect to your own inner guidance, your higher Self, and the quiet whispers in your heart, asking yourself a few questions to see if they resonate with you.

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Questions for Yourself

In this moment, and lately, how do you feel? Is there a longing somewhere inside of your Soul? Is there any sense of a void deep within you? A yearning within you, for change? For centeredness, inner peace, and, for once and for all: to become—whole?

Are you sitting with any sense of confusion, disappointment, self-doubt and frustration? Do you ask yourself things like, who am I really? Why am I here? What is my purpose and passion in life? If you’re like me, then at one point or another, you may have had these questions arise throughout your Journey, and may have thought to yourself, “I thought I was doing everything right.”  Or, “I thought I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing.” Looking around feeling like you have everything – or nearly everything – you are so-called supposed to want. And yet still left with a sort of emptiness inside.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings, I can relate. I have been there — 100%.

My Personal Story

In my early and mid-twenties, I had accomplished everything on my personal “to-do” list of life. I, too, thought I was doing everything right, having everything I was supposed to want. At the time, and in the years that followed, I had attained all of the things that I had set out to achieve, and that I thought would bring me fulfillment, inner peace, and wholeness; on both a personal and professional level.

I had always studied hard, done the right thing. I came from a good family and had a kind heart. In school, I achieved and achieved.  I graduated undergrad with honors in three short years, before then going on to graduating with honors and at the top of my class from law school. Out of law school, I clerked for a federal judge in the Eastern District of New York, a coveted, prestigious position. From there, I passed the New York bar exam and became a licensed attorney in NY. Transitioning into private practice doing Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equities work — and, by virtue of our firm’s size, some litigation work — at a prominent Manhattan law firm on Madison Avenue.

I had a cozy studio apartment on the Upper East Side, money in the bank, great friends, and was living what was a relatively “picture perfect” life from many perspectives; at least from the outside looking in.

But, on the inside, I was empty. I felt lonely, unfulfilled, and incomplete. Many times I felt unlovable, unworthy, disconnected, and the like. So, too, was I judging myself for even entertaining those thoughts — I felt as if I was wrong for even experiencing those feelings. I felt as though I was somehow being ungrateful for having all these amazing opportunities and successes and yet still holding emptiness on the inside. Nevertheless, there was a longing inside of my Soul, a yearning waiting to be filled with something more. I couldn’t exactly describe it, or put my finger on it, but I knew within my heart of hearts it was there, and it wasn’t going away.

From there, I tried time and time again to ignore it or cast it aside, focusing and refocusing on other things. In other words, time and time again, I heard the call from Spirit, but either didn’t recognize it or didn’t pursue it for one reason or another. I ignored these Calls, reassuring myself I was doing the right thing and was on the right path—that I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing. Instead, I convinced myself that I “would be happy when…,” that I would be fulfilled when I was farther along in my career; or that I would be fulfilled when I fell in love again; that I would be fulfilled when I had more this or was doing more of that.

I was looking for and convincing myself that all that of the answers were outside of me—instead of the only place I hadn’t (and was likely too afraid at the time) to look. The only place I hadn’t been tuning in to the whole time—within me. As it turned out, all of the answers were already within me. They were already inside me the entire time. Just as all of the answers are already inside you, and have been the entire time. When I was finally, finally committed to looking within me, the entire Universe—the whole Universe of co-creation—took me by the hand, and began opening doors for me where there were previously only walls before.

I then committed myself to me—to me and my self-healing, and began my process of awakening—or what I call, Remembering.

My Journey of Remembering over the years has been one of the wildest of rides. From heartaches to heartbreaks, from anxiety—and I mean debilitating anxiety—to depression, to—you name it, I’ve felt it. From fear to sadness, to unworthiness, to self-sabotage, and the like. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. From years of pains, traumas, wounds and more, I have been through the spectrum over this Journey the past decade or so.

From there, to today, however, I have released these stories and transformed them into my greatest medicine. As I write to you today, I can tell you, that those stories—those wounds, traumas, highs and lows (many self-imposed)—seem like distant memories.  At times, in fact most all of the time, they feel as if I wasn’t even the one who experienced them.  As if they are stories from someone else’s past, someone else’s dream. These stories—these past, distant memories—are no longer my stories anymore, and so you’ll likely never even hear me talk about them—they aren’t part of me or my reality anymore.   I have transmuted them, transformed them, alchemized them.  And released them once and for all.

In fact, I don’t even really think about them anymore—even in a space where my passion and purpose centers around working with and Being of Service to others who are healing and transforming themselves every day. But in the spirit of relating and connecting, I share with you that small glimpse into my past, knowing that it’s helpful for some people to have a little bit of background. To bridge the gap between where I once was and where I am today. But they are only stories. And so I invite you to look at them in the same way, to take that for what it is, and invite the thinking mind to rest. Inviting you now to turn your focus now with me to the intention and real invitation of this article.

The Invitation

And so my invitation to you is this: that if you have felt that way—or are experiencing any sort of those same or similar feelings of unworthiness, confusion, self-judgment, self-abasement, anxieties, depression, or the like. Or if you are asking yourself what your purpose is, why you are here, and who you really are. Or if you have entertained questions such as those, that you thought you were doing everything right, and yet still asking why you are still feeling this longing within your Soul; a yearning to for once and for all, to become whole.

Then I invite you to come walk alongside me, walking the Beauty Way. To come walk with me and Surrender, as you embark on—or continue on—your own Journey of Remembering. The honor is mine. As Rumi said, we are all just walking each other Home. With that said, my intention is to share with you more about what Mindful Goddess is and who Mindful Goddesses are.

What is Mindful Goddess?

And so…what is Mindful Goddess all about?

Mindful Goddess is a vision of mine I use in my private practice everyday to help women begin to embody their true eternal natures.  If it resonates with you, please feel free to reach out for me about how you can learn more, about awakening and remembering your own inner Mindful Goddess, and stepping into your infinite personal power and wisdom once and for all.

Who are Mindful Goddesses?

And so…who are Mindful Goddesses?

Mindful Goddesses are heart-centered Beings, who radiate love, and stand in their truths—with enlightened minds, activated Souls, and increasingly healthy biologies. Any Mindful Goddess’s Mind is her Sanctuary, and so she lives by the spiritual mantra, “We Are What We Think. Similarly, any Mindful Goddess’s Body is her Temple, and so she lives by the nutritional mantra, “We Are What We Eat.”

We are What We Eat

In honoring her nutritional mantra, “We Are What We Eat,” Mindful Goddesses commune with and eat a mostly plant-based diet, promoting for themselves organic, non-GMO, raw foods as much as possible, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, along with superfoods, superherbs, and certain cutting-edge health technologies and supplements.

To back up her nutritional mantra, from this book and other sources, she dives in and learns all about alkalinity vs. acidity, the raw food glow, electromagnetism and kilrian photography, and other juicy hard and fast evidence supporting her renewed sense of Self and revamped nutritional way of life.

We are what We Think

In honoring her spiritual mantra, “We Are What We Think,” any Mindful Goddess begins to practice heightened levels of awareness, and masters awareness of awareness. Beginning to practice a quiet stillness rooted in balance—a certain State of Being, or essence. And in beginning this practice, she lives by certain Goddess Guideposts that help her along in her Journey.

So, too, does she practice meditation daily (or as much as possible), tuning in to her inner guidance and strengthening her intuition.  She embodies ease and grace, a certain connectedness to all that is. She exudes confidence, personal power, and has transformed her deepest wounds into her most powerful medicine. Through the exercises and processes in this book and otherwise.

And as she is self-healing, so too is she learning all the juicey goodness about all other things backing up her spiritual or personal mantra, “We Are What We Think.”

Meaning she dives in and learns about the inner workings of the Universe and the invisible force field of energy surrounding us at all times, about her chakras, and her luminous energy body.  About quantum physics, string theory, intentional living, water consciousness, the laws of the Universe, manifestation and more, from this book and from other sources.  About how to step into her newfound or rediscovered power as a co-creatress of all that is, dreaming her world into Being in every moment.

And so, with merely a snapshot of this picture of what a Mindful Goddess is and her way of life, you can ask yourself… Does this resonate with me?

You can ask yourself… Am I ready to Remember the Mindful Goddess already within me?

She is already inside you.

Surrender to her.  Awaken her.  Nourish her.  Honour her.

You are… A Mindful Goddess.

To begin or continue on your Journey of Remembering, or to connect with Olivia for any other reason, please reach out for her at olivia@onelovemedicine.com.


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