Do-It-Yourself Meditation Retreat That Awakens Enlightenment…

Do-It-Yourself Meditation Retreat That Awakens Enlightenment

Here is a simple month-long meditation exercise that helps a person awaken their soul and find who they are deep down inside. This meditation exercise is for those who are really interested in pushing through everything that holds them back on their spiritual journey. This personal journey of meditation can be very easy or demanding depending on the person.

This meditation process can be tailored to each individual. Some people will find answers to the first week in 3 days but might find that another week’s meditation process might take 8 or 9 days. So, listen to your heart. But remember it would be best to put in as many hours as possible meditating. For some it might be 2 hours daily, others 4 hours daily, and still others it might be 8 hours daily. It will all depend on the person and how much they really want to break free of what’s holding them back now.

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Week One

This first week a person meditates on “How can I live my life in a way in order to be closer to God, Great Spirit, and the Universe”. This takes some real soul searching and asking the still small voice “What could I do differently” and really wanting to make changes. It also involves wanting to make life better not only for yourself but for all of mankind. This will take time and this is not a short quick answer. After meditating for a while, one should write down what comes up and thus you can look at your answer later, to remind yourself what needs to be done.

Week Two

The second week is not easy at all. It’s to meditate on all the pain and suffering we have caused others. We have to be honest and note without exception where we have hurt people and caused suffering. Most people lock all of this away. But in order to become enlightened, we have to look at our shortcomings in order to become something different. Meditate for a while and also journal what comes up.

Week Three

The third week is meditating on what your inner world, your feelings, what would they be like if you were filled with love 24/7. How would your feelings be different? What would your interactions with people be like? What would you feel if you were filled with love? What would the circumstances of your life look like? Would you still have anger? Would you become frustrated? Would you make some big changes?

This takes time to figure out. So meditate and journal what you find during this week of soul-searching.

Week Four

And the last week is to meditate on ways to change your thinking. During the last week, you meditated on how all of this would come together and change your life and thinking in significant ways. Without this last part, none of the first three weeks mean anything. Basically, you will be meditating on how you can bring all of this together in a practical way into your daily life? This is not easy as a person has to let go of preconceived ideas and ways of being in order to see the truth within. Let go of all things that would be impediments to this process and know somehow it would work out. Just write it all down and then meditate some more.

I know for sure this month-long meditation retreat will change your life forever.

Many blessings to everyone!


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