May The Force Be With You…

May The Force Be With You

The force is an energy field, created and sustained by all living things. It surrounds us, it penetrates us, and it binds the galaxy together. –Star Wars

Did you ever think about the force? What was George Lucas (creator of Star Wars) trying to convey about the force? George Lucas credits Joseph Campbell (the world’s expert on Mythology and Religion) for giving him the knowledge, to infuse Star Wars with the deep understanding of the Hero’s journey in conjunction with the force of nature. Star Wars is influenced by Taoism. The Hero brings balance to the Dark (Yin) and Light (Yang) sides of the force within and without.


Art can be a mirror image Of real life

Do you know the forces of the universe?

The four known interactions of the universe are:

  • The Strong Force: This force holds the nucleus of the Atom together and binds the subatomic particles to make protons and neutrons. Without the strong force there would be no atoms. It is very short in range.
  • The Weak Force: Helps power the sun and takes all of the energy from the nucleus of the atom that was created by the strong force, and breaks down the energy for the nucleus to be stable. It is very short in range.
  • The Electromagnetic Force: This carried by the light of the sun and stars and it is infinite in range. At the subatomic level, it is the force between electrically charged particles. At the atomic level, it is the creation of a magnetic field from the movement of charged particles.
  • The Gravitational Force: It is infinite in range, holds us down on earth and holds the planets and stars in place.

Physicists are working on a Grand Unified Theory connecting the four forces into a unified whole. Understanding the four forces is an intellectual way of knowing the Divine within and without. An intuitive understanding is to sense your soul within and the divine energy without.

The big bang

The Dawning of the New Age is behind us and the Age of Aquarius has begun. Creation starts with the Big Bang. Particles of energy and their Anti-particles are manifested. Our universe is Rocking and Rolling. The individual energy manifested out of the Transcendent energy is the immortal soul.

Science and religion

In the book Origin, author Dan Brown quotes the English writer William Blake, “The dark religions are departed and sweet science reigns.”

Dan Brown ends his story by saying, “Mr. Blake believed that religions came in two flavors-the dark, dogmatic religions that oppressed creative thinking…and the light, expansive religions that encouraged introspection and creatively.”

Dan Brown brilliantly says, “Sweet science will banish the dark religions…so the enlightened religions can flourish.”

By quieting your Ego and what you been taught verbally about God, you can get in touch with your soul, which requires introspection. When you know the difference between your ego and soul, you can relate to the science of nature-physics.

The enlightened Religions are the esoteric universal, spiritual wisdom of all faiths-which requires introspection for a direct union with your soul and the transcendent energy of the universe!

The atom as the new Adam and Eve

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce, the new Adam and Eve: The Atom; joined by their neutral friend, Adam’s positive and Eve’s negative charge bring them into a stable state.

Adam and Eve are placed back in the Garden of Eden because they achieved a level of wholeness, duality has ceased and they are one with the Divine energy of the universe. The force is strong with them!

Is the Force strong with you?

Here are 3 tips to get the Force on your side:

  1. Delve deep into your ego and bring your shadow side of your personality to the forefront of your mind. Bring balance to your ego.
  2. Now, don’t think, but feel the forces of the universe flowing thru you. Close your eyes and quiet your ego-mind, feel the force inside you.
  3. Don’t think, just feel the force outside of you.


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