3 Mantras For Mamas This Fall…

3 Mantras For Mamas This Fall

My husband laughs when I refer to September as “the start of the year.” Decades of back to school rhythms are hard to shake off; and, now, I have my own kids with their own back to school rhythms. Just as nature begins to slow down and hibernate, our modern world has us picking up the pace.

The result can be destabilizing for women and particularly for mothers. Our bodies remember this innate slowing down they were conditioned to for hundreds of years. Yet, our life leaves no room for slowing down. In the midst of the busy-ness of this season, you can choose a mantra to remember daily. Mantras help ground us in an intention. They are less goal-oriented than to-do lists, leaving more room for the flexibility our lives require. Try these on or create your own.

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“I model rest and rejuvenation”

How many times have you wished your kids would just slow the heck down? Why do we need to keep up constant entertainment, constant stimulation, constant activities in order to keep them happy? The more we can embrace rest and rejuvenation personally, the more our kids will incorporate it into their lives. Today, I modeled rest by allowing my kids to be late for school. I rarely take advantage of this option though our school is flexible. In the sweaty rush of getting out the door today, I realized I did have time to slowly gather myself for the day. I stopped and took that time.

Use this mantra if you want to feel like you have more time for important things.

“I honor the personal equally as much as the Universal”

In yoga, we have the concept of a central energy line. It moves from the base of the body and our base needs to the crown of the head and our search for Universal connection and meaning. As a society of constant connectivity, we often put much of our efforts into these upper realms. This season, make time for the personal. Value your nutrition, sleep, hygiene and silence. Leave space for intimate gatherings with just your family or a few close friends rather than the larger, more grandiose celebrations of the season.

Use this mantra if you want to feel more present with your priorities.

“I nurture my radiant beauty”

A few years ago, I had a family photo shoot for holiday cards. I was three months post-partum, and my husband was recovering from abdominal surgery, and we were tired. Bone tired. Yet I put on my make up and wore my white shirt and denim and smiled. Every other day that week, I wore a uniform of grimy nursing dresses and unwashed hair. I did not feel beautiful.

It is not possible to feel beautiful just occasionally. Don’t wait for this year’s special occasions to honor your beauty. Take time to feel radiant daily, whether with a consistent skin care routine, sorting out all the clothing that no longer fits or feels good, or buying one special piece of jewelry to wear daily that makes you feel celebrated.

Use this mantra if you want to feel more alive and vibrant personally. Give these mantras a try this season. Live by one that works for you. Center yourself before heading out into this season that can easily diminish your energy.


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