3 Tips For Manifesting The Work You Love

You’re here for a reason. You’re here to do something. The new energy paradigm is here, and it’s time to step up into work that both supports you and lets you live your purpose. It’s time for work you love, even if you’re not so sure what that is yet. There’s a huge shift happening that’s impacting every sector of our lives and our communities. People everywhere are hearing the call to be the change. And they’re answering the call not by heading to the mountain to ascend to new spiritual heights, but by choosing to do work that matters.

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Work is Becoming the New Spiritual Frontier

Work is a huge part of our lives, and it is a big part of our spiritual journey – it’s how we often most express our purpose and passion. For many of us, work becomes the arena where we get to observe ourselves in action: how we show up to our peers, to our bosses, to the pressure, to the multitasking, and to our own personal power.

I think if you’re on a spiritual journey, your work is your biggest spiritual teacher these days; because of that, what you do matters. Yet when it comes to changing what you do and finding soulful work, it’s so easy to get stuck. You might doubt you can even have work in the world that feels important and also supports you. You might be at a loss as to what that is.

Heeding this call to create work that lets you live your passion and express your purpose doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice security for entrepreneurship or head to massage school unless that’s your thing. Yet, that’s often people’s first instinct. The truth is, change is needed everywhere – from the corporate sector to non-profits, to the healing arts and beyond. And right now, you have a whole lot of options to step up and go big with your work. There’s a level of personal growth needed to set you on your path, however. And, your approach to finding work you love is just as important as where you land. Especially if right now, the thought of creating a big change in what you do scares the daylights out of you.

There’s hope, though. You can co-create work you love. There’s value in doing the inner work necessary before taking launching into something new. So, here are a few thoughts to help you find the path toward creating the change you need to then manifest the work you’ll love.

Listen Before You Leap

Your new energy paradigm job search begins by searching within. To manifest work you’re meant to be doing, you must begin with you. Not the ‘you” of now, but the “you” who you are growing into. It’s not a dreamy state-of-mind fantasy of who you think you’ll be; you’ve got to know yourself as your empowered-self. You must first embody an awareness of the “you” who claims what you know and what you believe… right down to your bones.

This is the energetic stance you must own so you claim your passion and remember your purpose. So your order of business is to hit your own up-level button and transform what might be holding you back from embodying a more empowered sense of self. If you’ve been burying your voice and your power, then you need to excavate that so you can embody your mojo in a bigger way. Until you do, what you want to manifest will stay at arm’s length.

Getting there means dismantling what you think you know and doing some transformational work. Right now, you may feel so bogged down and burnt out by what you’ve been doing, that it’s as though you don’t have the energy to fire up any sense of passion for what’s next. You might not be sure of what you want because in some way you’ve been taught not to want. You’ve been taught to feel like you’re undeserving. So, you may be staring at this big blank canvas and not knowing what’s next. It’s big work. Getting help to shift your awareness helps.

But when you create that grounded embodied understanding of yourself as your next best version of you, you’ll begin to see a bigger picture of your life and your work. More choices to express you, as that, begin to reveal themselves.

Co-create a Plan with the Universe. Leave Your Mind at the Door.

I work with a lot of people who want to make this kind of a spiritual work change. And often, they get stuck in their heads. We know the old energy paradigm model of “work,” well. Finding work typically meant you sought a job title and fit yourself into that. I think that’s changing. There are way more opportunities for creating something new.

In the new energy paradigm, you might be creating something that doesn’t yet fully exist. Or if it does, you may need to break the mold and set something new into motion… especially if you’re in the corporate environment. If you only listen to your head, it’s only going to tell you what you already know. But your intuition and your inner wisdom will guide you into what’s yet to be – what’s outside the construct of your mind, yet what’s waiting to be created. So co-create a plan with your inner wisdom at the helm. Before you take a step, check in. Ask Spirit, your guides, and your inner wisdom if what you are considering is aligned with your energy. Follow the thread of your imagination to explore new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Use your new-found big energy act as your litmus test. Does whatever you are considering stand up to that? Does the vibration of that idea match the vibration of your energy at its fullest potential? Does it let you be that person? We are operating now in a co-creative environment with the Universe. There’s no more charging ahead without checking in at a vibrational level.

Learn how to sense your subtle “yeses and nos.” And then, go toward yes, even if it doesn’t always make sense. Energy needs to be in motion for the universe to guide you somewhere. And learning to listen to your energy and the energy of what you are considering is the way you begin to co-create. You’re always being guided. So stay grounded and focus on what’s grounded too. But listen within, for sound advice.

Work Where You Hold the Most Energetic Impact.

There are a lot of people getting lost in heady-visualization work when it comes to manifesting something new. And visioning your life where you’re work supports you and your purpose can get a little dreamy at times. It’s time to bring your vision down to earth. For most of us, manifesting is earthy and gritty and real. Being in your body and working where your energy meets the world is where you gather the most information and actually have the impact to transform energy.

The Universe is always talking with you. And where your presence – and your present moment – meets energy, is where you have the power to choose how you want to respond to what shows up, how you want to create a new awareness in that response. I actually see people have better success manifesting when they focus on embodying their most empowered self; when they go back to step 1 here and practice being their next best self. That’s when things manifest more quickly. When you’re present, you’re in your power. And when you’re present you have the most impact on how you manage your energy. And when you’re present in your most empowered, embodied state, you attract to you what you need to live that.

This “Work Change” is a Spiritual Change.

What you do for work must be aligned with your spirit. I think that’s a truth for anyone on a spiritual path these days. That means what you do needs to feed your spiritual growth. To make this shift into work you love, you do need to draw upon all your spiritual mojo. Aligned work lets you express your gifts and your knowledge. It lets you push into a bigger and better version of yourself over and over again. That journey doesn’t end when you get that wonderful job or you find what you are here to do. It begins then, especially when you are in the work you are here to do, you’ll be pushed to grow over and over because what you do will be intricately linked to who you are.

But that’s the journey.

Are You Hearing the Call for a Change?

If you’re feeling the call to do work that matters, recognize that the change that is being ushered into your life is not “just” a change in job. It’s you up-leveling into a bigger version of yourself and positioning yourself to have a greater impact through what you do. So listen before you leap. Find the “new you” that can see your life from a bigger vantage point. Engage with energy itself as a co-creative tool; let it guide you. And keep coming back to your center, your place of power.

Practice being you as your most empowered self and you’ll be surprised at what you attract to help you live that life with more ease.

It’s time indeed to make it so.


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