Manifestation Looks Different In The Underworld…

Manifestation Looks Different In The Underworld

“The peoples of North Asia conceive the otherworld as an inverted image of this world. Everything takes place as it does here, but in reverse. When it is day on earth, it is night in the beyond (this is why festivals of the dead are held after sunset; that is when they wake and begin their day); the summer of the living corresponds to winter in the land of the dead; a scarcity of game or fish on earth means that it is plentiful in the otherworld, and so forth. . . . In the underworld rivers flow back to their sources. And everything that is inverted on earth is in its normal position among the dead; this is why objects offered on the grave for the use of the dead are turned upside down, unless, that is, they are broken, for what is broken here below is whole in the underworld and vice versa.” –

Mircea Eliade, on “The Shaman as Psychopomp” from Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy

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Entering the void: When the desire to manifest must accede to nothing

Amanda Walsh at Astrology Hub sent out a reminder today that there is a period coming up in which the moon is void of course. She wrote: “{There is} an extra long ‘void of course’ moon (meaning it makes no aspects) Wednesday through Friday, So while this isn’t the best time to manifest things into reality, it is the perfect time to consider… Can you cultivate your own light during times of darkness?”

Lately, I have been led to notice the pitfalls of the trend in spiritual circles to aspire to continuous and greater “manifestation” and to see the fallacy of the notion that a lack of visible returns based on one’s intentions is somehow indicative of spiritual failure or is a sign that one needs to shatter some kind of spiritual glass ceiling or to extend the capacity of one’s “ability to receive”.

Reality is bigger than our intentions

Mother-daughter coaching team Michelle Lee and Megan Camille recently spoke of the need to acknowledge a more encompassing paradigm than is defined by “manifesting” and co-creation with the Divine. As anyone who has attempted to “manifest” an outcome – with petitioning prayer, ritual, sacrificial offerings, fasting, vision boards, spells, superhuman effort, etc. – knows, there comes a time when no intentional process leads to the desired outcome. It is during such times we must concede to the intelligence of something which surpasses our own ability to create and drive the appearance of “manifest” effects based on one’s heartfelt or passionate desire.

We exist in an ecology of interrelated desires and actions

When leaders in the ostensible “consciousness” world —particularly White-identified citizens, including women, of the Global North — speak of “manifesting more”, one might ask whether they are actually replicating — albeit in a more “feminine” or “spiritual” guise — values of an existing societal model which assigns ultimate value to humans and other beings and organic processes by means of mathematically measurable, often economic, terms.

We on this planet exist not in isolated bubbles of merely personal creation, but in a world of interdependency and interrelatedness; beings affect the existence of all other beings. Perhaps recognition of this existential reality can point us to a more profound realization of potential than the mere continuous  “manifestation” of (“bigger and better”) effects – whether spiritual, emotional, psychological, or material.

Who would you be without the desire to reach your next abundance benchmark?

I will close with a question: Who would you be if you never again saw the fulfillment of a personal goal just as you imagined it? Would your faith be shattered? Would you feel less valuable? Perhaps the infinite intelligence of the Universal Mind leads us to the limit of our ability to “manifest” so that – like the Goddess Inanna of Sumerian myth, stripped of the worldly garb by which we are accustomed to defining ourselves, we can recognize and revel in the gifts – the “shadow abundance” — of the non-visible world.


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