The Magic Of Acceptance & Letting Go…

The Magic Of Acceptance & Letting Go

Our world revolves around the way we think, evaluate, and design our own destiny. If we want it to be the best out of the rest, we always keep on exploring new stages or ideas that might help us in the fragmented steps towards success. But what is it that holds us back from succeeding in life? Our friends? Family? Office employees, or life circumstances?

If you have chosen any of them, take a step back, and rethink the answer. If they have the power to hold us back then aren’t you the one who gave them the power? The person who can hold you back from reaching towards your dreams is none other than You yourself.

There are several instances that might make you feel stagnant. It might be insecurity, jealousy, pain, agony, frustration, demotivation, anger, or anything that drains our positive energies out. Holding on to such negative feelings does not fix anything in life. It is like replaying the past in the mind again and again which grants no positive success in any matter of life.

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The game of the mind

When such a feeling arises, the easiest process is to analyze the situation by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Release it slowly and then think — why are such thoughts overpowering your mind? Will they fetch any betterment for your future or it will keep on striking on the wound? When you gain clarity that such feelings do not yield any positivity but showers everything with negativity, the absolute way to get rid of that is to accept the situation just the way it is.

That is where the real game starts.

When you accept the situation that brings you trouble, you feel it within and then slowly let it be the way it is. When you get a cut, you do not keep touching it, right? In the same way, when you stop letting the wound affect your mind, you start with the procedure of healing yourself inside out.

When you get back to the past, it destroys your path towards the future. It focuses more on who you were rather than who you want to be. Being a human being, individuals are bestowed with different emotions that encircle them. But such emotions do not define them as a person. When people tend to stick to the past, they feel a hold over it as if it is their very identity that they have to show to the world. They are devoured by the sense of pain which makes them blind in looking past it. These are the self-imposed emotions they create to keep themselves within the bubble of pain.

On nearly every path, the magic of acceptance and the art of letting go makes things easier than it seems to be.

Stick to the present of the situation you are in

Your past does not need you anymore but your future is looking upon you with a hope towards brighter days. Make sure not to ruin it over your stubbornness of crawling back towards the emotions of the past. Be present in that situation and make yourself feel that you are worth it. You are worth all the happiness of the world no matter how badly you have suffered. A bad past does not define your blessed future.

To gain acceptance, release expectations

When you’re building castles in the cloud, have you ever been cautious that it is nothing but hollow expectations? There are no guarantees for certain outcomes in our life. But with our very own expectations, we create a ball of pain around us. When our ball of desire gets pricked, it bursts out, leading us to nothing but pain. Whereas with the ethereal power of acceptance, you do not create unnecessary visuals but accept the fact that what is meant to be for you, will happen to you, no matter what the situation demands. It is where you direct yourself towards a positive outcome. Gaining acceptance helps you to let go of fear and overpowers vague thoughts, replacing them with the enormous visualization of hope and positivity towards enjoying life just the way it is meant to be.

Expand your beliefs and win every situation

You were born free therefore freedom and liberty have invisibly been your birthright from the very beginning. When you make up your mind that certain things are impossible, you only deprive yourself by limiting your power and strength to achieving your goals. You are born with a purpose. Therefore, for achieving the goals of the destined situation, embrace the different aspects of the situation — no matter how difficult it is. The city Rome was never built in a day and Einstein failed a lot of times before gaining the heights of success.

Let go of your limiting thoughts and accept the power you have been showered with.

Control your mind and the thoughts you harvest

We do not acquire the special power of controlling or exploring the mind of others. Instead, the only thing we can do is control our own thoughts. Accept the fact that people will do what they want, and it will be the way they want it to be. Why should you hurt yourself with random thoughts that bring pain and sadness? Their behaviors are nothing for you to worry about. When you control your thoughts, you carry yourself towards a brighter side of life rather than sticking to what “others will think”.

Let go of the previous mistakes and accept them as a lesson of life

Life has a mysterious way of teaching what is best for you. When you keep experiencing those situations that harbor nothing but pain, you need to understand what life is trying to teach you. Till you learn from your mistakes, you will be showered with similar patterns of situations. Be humble enough to accept and rectify yourself rather than rectifying others.

Apart from understanding all these peripherals of letting go by accepting situations, learn to forgive yourself and others and you will find a peaceful life of contentment and glee. Forgiveness is the humble manifestation of acceptance, all by itself, at the end.


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