The Link Between Money And Spirituality…

The Link Between Money And Spirituality

After taking one look at the wealth and prosperity of the well-off members of the high-class society, it is easy to make a lot of judgments about them, especially with all the misconceptions that our culture has already formed about those who are rich. Some say that they must be deceitful because trickery is the only way to get money. Others think that their excess funds are the root cause of all the evil in the world.

So those who are trying their best to live a more spiritual life can become confused as to how they should handle their financial affairs. To help make things easier, this article will address why it is important to change these negative thoughts into positive ones, so money can start working for your spiritual benefit instead of against it.

The Truth About Money

Like all inanimate objects, money is not inherently good or bad. It is just a thing that works as a trading tool for the acquisition of other things. So it does not benefit a spiritual person to attempt to associate it with their own fears and attachment issues. While it is true that there are bad people in the world who use money for the purpose of harming others or causing corruption, it isn’t fair to assume that all people will be this way once they acquire more money. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

When a person becomes more in touch with their spiritual side, they open up to a greater level of compassion and kindness for other living beings. And if they have money to use as a tool, they can help more people and do more good than they could without it. They will also be better at managing and saving the money that they get because they will associate its value with the spiritual benefits that it offers them.

The Connection Between Money and Thoughts

By changing your beliefs about money, a different kind of energy can begin to develop in your life. This is due to the fact that when a person thinks that money is bad because it contributes to the evil and corruption in the world, they unintentionally block the flow of it. And this ends up perpetuating a constant state of poverty, which makes their life more difficult. But, if you start thinking about money as a unique object that can work for you, you change the vibration of the energy that is surrounding you and your assets. Those who don’t believe this might want to think back to the last bad day that they had. After one negative thing happened, more and more stressful events followed suit because of the law of attraction that was at work in the thought process. Well, the same thing occurs with positive thoughts about money. The better that you feel about it, the more likely it will come into your life through different channels.

Making Money Work in Your Spiritual Life

To lead a happy, positive life, you must have enough money. It is necessary for paying bills, buying food, and providing shelter for you and your family. And it is also important for helping those who are less fortunate. But many worry that they will stray from their life of spirituality if they become too prosperous. The trick is to create a flow of balance in your life where the money that you attain is used for the spiritual advancement of yourself and others. Perhaps, you could fund a yoga class for a local school, or use it to pay for food for the homeless. But don’t be afraid to also save some of it for things that make you happy too. Part of the way that we increase our financial abundance is by feeling good inside. So remember, your thoughts hold the key to what you attract into your life. The more that you focus on all the negative aspects of money, the more likely you will be to block its path to you. And while some may think that poverty is important to staying spiritual, the truth of the matter is we need money. The trick is to always keep the connection between spirituality and money in balance. And above all else, never use wealth for harm.


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Michelle Laurey

Michelle Laurey is a freelance writer who enjoys fitness, relaxing in the fresh air, trying to live a healthy life…

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