9 Life-Changing Lessons From A Course In Miracles…

9 Life-Changing Lessons From A Course In Miracles

“Spirit is in a state of Grace forever. Your reality is only Spirit. Therefore, you, are in a state of Grace forever.”

I love the celebrated metaphysical text, A Course in Miracles, and today I’m sharing nine principles from this life-changing material, with my own commentary about each one of them. I hope these serve you.

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Lesson 128: The World that I see holds nothing that I want.

In this holographic Universe, it can be easy to forget day-to-day that the world we see holds nothing that we want. It’s all too easy to slip back into the mindset of “should this” and “should that; what we should be doing, how much we should be making, where we should be living, what we should be doing, should this and should that.

Today we can remind ourselves that the visible World—or the World that we see—holds nothing that we want. I love reminding myself of this affirmation daily. And once we do, we can then invite ourselves to begin exploring and opening up our hearts, eyes, and mind, to the Invisible one.

The Whole Universe of co-creation is waiting to guide you. The whole Universe is waiting to take you by the hand—open doors for you where there were only walls before—and begin revealing the invisible world to you. There is an infinite number of spiritual guides, power and protective animals, benevolent luminous beings, and the like, waiting to help us in any given moment. Connecting into these powerhouses and aligning with their energies is both helpful and magical. Nothing is too big or too small to ask.

Today we can quiet the mind, even more, committing or re-committing to our meditation practices, and tuning in to that inner guidance deep within our heart spaces. Have you had a conversation with the Universe today? If not, you can invite yourself to start conversing. I talk to and commune with the Universe and my guides all day long, whether in my personal, individual spiritual practices or when I am Being of Service to others. In either space, I am always dancing with these guides and the energies of the Universe, co-creating with them in every moment and dreaming my world into Being. It’s beautiful and comforting knowing that we are constantly supported by all of Creation.

Lesson 293: All fear is past and only love is here.

Fear can be a showstopper, holding us back from so many things. Today you can ask yourself: Where in my life is fear holding me back? We can feel so locked down and trapped by our fears that pretty soon, our fears are the ones in the driver’s seat, dictating to us the who, what, where, when, how, and why. What would you be doing right now if fear was no issue?

Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of not having enough? Scarcity? Lack of confidence? Fear of not being good enough? Fear of pursuing what you really want to do in life? Fear of leaving a job and its security to step into your passion and purpose in life? The list can go on. In Shamanism, the most ancient spiritual practice, fearlessness—is the medicine of the West. Represented by the Jaguar, this medicine teaches us to step into our fears:  and to meet them face-to-face. To harness this fearlessness is one of the most amazing gifts you can give to yourself, stepping into and embodying that Warrior already inside of you.

And so today you can commit to using your fears, taking an inventory of your life and where this is keeping you from fulfilling your highest destiny and Calling in the world. And then meeting these powerful energies face-to-face, stepping into them—rather than running away from them—and transmuting them into fuel for your fire. Harness these energies and use them to your advantage.

Lesson 332: Fear binds the World. Forgiveness sets its free.

I like to say there are only two paths: one of fear and one of love. Reminding ourselves that to begin healing, we must recognize that we all suffer from the same problem and have the same solution. The problem is we separated from love and continue to buy into fear—in all areas of life. The solution is, we must return to Love. Forgiveness is a key part in returning to love. As a daily practice, we can visualize a person or a situation we wish to forgive.  Reminding ourselves that we don’t necessarily forgive because the other person “deserves” forgiveness—it’s because we deserve inner peace.

The Ho’oponopono prayer is a beautiful permission slip to accept in this way. It’s a simple, four-line prayer which comes from shamanic teachings: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Don’t forget forgiveness of the Self too. We’re all just doing the best we can here, in any moment, day-to-day. Be gentle with yourself. Today, make a commitment to release fear and return to Love.

Lesson 121: Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

This particular lesson goes hand-in-hand with the previous ones.

The same thinking holds true here. Forgiveness sets us free. When we forgive, we can clear the negative, toxic emotions we may be harboring, and make more of our energy bodies available to ourselves to invest in manifesting our dreams. I like to say we only have a certain amount of “energetic dollars” during the day. And so we can ask ourselves: Where am I spending them? And on what?

If you’re triggered by the guy who cuts you off driving, or a quarrel with the store clerk, or taking things personally from your boss, co-worker, or colleague, these are your energetic dollars at work. When we eliminate all or nearly all conflict in our life, refusing to allow someone else to rattle us, we have more of these dollars to spend towards things that bring us peace, love, empowerment, and fulfillment. Today commit to that unshakable conviction already within you, resolving for yourself that no one can shake you, but you. No one can adversely affect you unless you let them. Invite yourself to break free from the shackles of others and more importantly, from the shackles of yourself.

Lesson 158: Today I learn to give as I receive.

The more we give, the more we receive. In Shamanism, there is a beautiful Andean principle called Ayni. Ayni is a quechua word meaning “right relationship”, or reciprocity, with the Universe. Today, where can you give to others where you otherwise wouldn’t normally give? Collecting and cultivating the feelings of gratitude within you, and then sharing them outward through your heart space, emanating this love and filling the world with your Light.

Lesson 195: Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

Love and gratitude go hand-in-hand. Other than Unconditional Love, Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational resonances with which we can align. You can make gratitude a daily practice, and pretty soon, you will be living in gratitude in every moment of every day. The most important part about practicing gratitude is actually feeling the feelings of appreciation, humility, love and gratitude rise and cultivate within you.

Lesson 312: I see all things as I would have them be.

We are powerful Co-creators and Co-creatresses, dreaming our worlds into Being in every moment. Hold the vision, trust the process. What is your vision? For yourself and for the rest of the world?

In your meditations today, I invite you to hold the most ideal vision of what you want for yourself in your life—all of your material needs being met, all of the successes, abundance, inner peace, joy, happiness, and bliss—all things that are your birthright. And then bring the vision you wish to see for the world into your awareness as well—world peace, harmony, fifth-dimensional love/light, light/love energy everywhere. And then we can give these visions up to the higher mind and to the Universe, to work hard on our behalf in the energetic, to breathe life into these ideas and manifestations.

After that, we can breathe a few deep breaths for ourselves, taking inspired actions in pursuit of our dreams, holding the vision and trusting the process. Having faith (based on experience) that the Universe, our guides, and benevolent luminous Beings, are working hard on our behalf to fulfill the orders we placed on the proverbial menu of the Universe.

Lesson 77: I am entitled to miracles.

The next lesson from A Course in Miracles may just be my favorite one: “I am entitled to Miracles.” Miracles are our birthrights. A Course in Miracles defines a Miracle as “A Shift in Perception, from Fear to Love.”

Where in your life can you make these shifts? Are you inviting in and opening yourself up to receiving Miracles? When we stand in our authenticity, living our individual and collective truths, we vibrate at our true unique energy signatures. And when we are resonating at our home frequencies—which is Pure Love—we align with the invisible force field of positive energy surrounding us at all times. In other words, we align with the natural frequencies of the Universe and can step into a different time-space reality—outside of linear time and into non-ordinary, non-linear time—a place where miracles are commonplace, and magic is real. Believe in Miracles. You are entitled to them. They are your birthright. And they are real.

Lesson 97: I am Spirit.

You are Spirit. You are Spirit expressing itself in one of its ten thousand forms. You are worthy because you exist. Creation made you, and therefore you are an integral part of co-creation and all that is. Creation does not make mistakes. And so you can walk forward and confidently today, and always, knowing that you are worthy because you exist. The world needs you to share your unique gifts, that no one else can share in the same way or form of expression that you can.

When we embody that we are Spirit, we can realize that we are already perfect. We can hold a vision of self-improvement, and we can continue working on ourselves to release what no longer serves us, purify our hearts, nourish our souls, release karmic imprints, and continue to upgrade our luminous energy fields. Nevertheless, we are already perfect. And so sitting in that quiet place of expansiveness inside of you today, we can simultaneously hold a vision of improving ourselves, while still reminding ourselves that we are already perfect just as we are. It can be a both/and, not an either/or type of thing.

And if you don’t believe that yet, don’t believe yourself, or me, that’s okay. You can, however, believe the Universe because you exist, and Creation does not make mistakes. You are Spirit and you are already perfectly imperfect, or imperfectly perfect. Remind yourself that everything is happening according to the divine plan, and divine orchestration, trusting in what is happening in your world right now. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. All is happening in diving timing.

With that, you can sit back and breathe into yourself even more today. Know that the Universe and all of co-creation is supporting your every move. Go forth confidently in the exploration of All that Is, expressing your unique gifts with the world, taking inspired actions, and dreaming your world into Being in every moment as the powerful Co-creatress or Co-creator that you are.


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