Learning To Be An Activist For Consciousness…

Learning To Be An Activist For Consciousness

A couple of Sundays ago, I was attending a celebration at my local spiritual center and the minister was sharing about being an activist. As she was speaking, I became aware that every day I am an activist for my own consciousness and the consciousness of others. What does that mean? An activist is someone who campaigns for change. I can share that I’m on the front lines of that campaign. Of course, I’m there first for my own inner change and then to support others as they choose to expand and transform.

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The Difference Between Being Intuitive and Being Conscious

When I first started my journey and began tapping into my intuition and connection to create a different life, I was under the (false) impression that being highly intuitive was the same as being conscious. Using your intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning while being conscious is about being awake and aware. To me, being conscious is having the awareness of how your thoughts and feelings are creating your world, and then conducting the internal and external actions to take action on knowing that you are whole and complete.

Intuitives often use their intuition as a justification to take actions which may not be very conscious. Here’s an example of that: a former mentor would often go out to dinner and hear messages for other diners. She would periodically get up and share these messages unsolicited. This is an invasion of that individual’s choice. To use your intuition consciously would be to ask permission and then share. When you utilize our intuition with consciousness, you are actually harnessing your greatness which is accessing your own Divinity to support yourself and, by extension, others. You don’t have to make a sign and stand in the middle of the square to become an activist for consciousness. In fact, by participating in simple daily practices you will be creating a quiet revolution by directly taking charge of your own creative power.

Sacred Practice

Setting aside time to connect with your higher power is key for long-lasting positive transformation. It allows you to create a strong foundation of peace and grounds you in Divinity. What people don’t understand is that sacred practice is very personal. It needs to fit into your life, resonate with who you are, and at the same time stretch you. When you find yourself being forced into an element of sacred practice that doesn’t resonate with you, you won’t participate. There are so many elements of sacred practice out there, use your discernment and select those that resonate with your mind, body, and spirit.

Let Go of Being Righteous

A righteous man doesn’t consider himself righteous. Just like a village shaman never calls herself a shaman. I have witnessed (and probably participated) in some pride around my spiritual journey and practices. The old ways of training master healers which were loaded with pride and conditional practices are falling away. Last week, I had a conversation with a woman who told me that an intuitive a couple of years ago said she was disconnected from the Source. She went on to share how that comment bothered her for months and compounded her belief that she was not enough. I responded very powerfully to her that she might have “felt” disconnected, but she is always connected to her Source and that the intuitive was inaccurate in their statement. And when I say “responded powerfully”, I mean I believe an f-bomb was dropped once or twice.

See The Divine In Everything

I’ll be the first to admit, this one is a tough one. In seeing the Divinity in everything, that means I have to see the good and love in every experience and everyone. On those days that I am unable to partake in this principle, I simply request that the Divine do it for me – “God, I am at this time unable to see the Divinity in this experience, I’m handing it over to you.” There’s a principle that I keep close to my heart, and that is the more I know the less I know. I am always, or at least make an effort to be, in the consciousness of discovery. There is at all times more Soul to bring into your body and patterns which can be released. You can always choose to be closer to Divinity.

So, I go on campaigning for consciousness for myself and others and continue to hold the space for transformation and transcendence for all.


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