Learn The Simple Technique Of Soul Travel…

Learn The Simple Technique Of Soul Travel

There are two different ways that we can have experiences outside of our flesh and blood body. One is to be connected to the body and have our consciousness travel to other realms. The other is to have our soul travel to other realms, while our body is still back at home.

Anyone can soul travel and it’s very simple to do. But soul travel takes practice, but with practice comes the ability to experience spiritual places that are important for our overall spiritual growth.

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The 10-Step Technique of Soul Travel

  1. When you get ready for bed, close your eyes and bring your attention to your third eye between your eyebrows.
  2. Then chant a personal name of God over and over again; be it Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or some other name.
  3. Next, fill your heart, body, and mind with feelings of ecstatic love. Love always fills a person with great confidence and allows them to venture into other realms of existence.
  4. Now, bring this love within by remembering a loving comforting memory, perhaps being a child and getting a hug, or maybe it’s your spouse kissing you. Whatever it is, bring it to mind and see that memory with all its detail and feel all the feeling of warmth and love.
  5. Now, close your eyes and look into your third eye. See in your mind’s eye who you adore as a spiritual being – perhaps Jesus, Buddha, or someone else.
  6. In a kind and loving voice say, “I give you permission to take me to a spiritual place that is for my greatest good.”
  7. Then chant the name of that particular spiritual being over and over again.
  8. Now, envision a person you know standing in the room with you, who is there to guide you on your spiritual journey. Trust him or her and he will take you to other realms, realms that are for your greatest good and highest joy.
  9. Don’t worry about getting lost. In soul travel, your soul is always connected to your body at all times. Soul travel is very different from astral travel and out of body experiences.
  10. Whenever you lose focus, you will be brought right back into your body in less than a second.

This technique will take practice. Like all things, practice makes us feel more at ease with any process. So, practice as much as you can.

Enjoy your spiritual travels!

Dr. Paul Haider


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