Does The Law Of Karma Chase People?…

Does The Law Of Karma Chase People?

Yes of-course. It’s a law that is universally applicable forever!

The Enlightened One explains to us how the science of karma operates:

In this world, through the media – the TV channels or newspapers, we see so many bad things happening in this world. And we generally end up blaming someone or the other – that these people are bad due to whom so many people are suffering. We do not know, really speaking why it is happening and who is responsible for it; we just see who is the doer and we straightaway blame it on that person. But it’s through the spiritual science that we get to know really why it is happening, which is beyond our intellect.

If we understand that it is due to the karmic account (the law of karma) that this is happening, then we shall not put blame on any person.

The seeds of karma are sown in the past life and give their fruits in this life

When we believe in reincarnation, we can understand that we have charged karma in past and we are getting its result in this life.

Who gives the fruits of these karmas? God?

No, it is given by Nature, or what is called ‘Scientific Circumstantial Evidences’ (Vyavasthit Shakti) by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being. The process of the coming together of all the evidences, ripening and experiencing the fruits of karmas is Scientific Circumstantial Evidence. Param Pujya Dadashri says that ‘Vyavasthit Shakti’ is responsible for giving the fruit.

Generally, whatever we are experiencing through the five senses, people say it is karma

But Gnani Purush explains that whatever we are experiencing by five senses is all a result of karma i.e. discharge karma. And the charge karma (sowing seeds of new karma) is not understood by common people.

The following explains that behind whatever we are observing through our five senses, how karma is getting charged on a subtle level:

For instance, a businessman, pressured by his relatives, donates five lakh rupees to a charity trust. However, his friend asks, “Why did you donate money? Don’t you know that they are all thieves and embezzlers?” The businessman tells his friend, “If he had his way, he would not have given even five rupees, but he was forced to donate the money due to pressure from the chairman who happens to be his relative.”

Since he has donated five lakh rupees, people praise him for his generosity. This in fact was his discharge karma. And what did he charge? On a subtle level, he charges exactly the opposite due to his present intent that he would not have given even five rupees! As a result, in his next life, he will not be able to give even five rupees.

On the other hand, a poor man donates five rupees to the same charity, and he says, if he had five lakh rupees, he would give it all. Now, because he gives the money heartily, in his next life, he will be able to donate five lakh rupees.

So, whatever you see externally is all the fruit of actions, but on a very subtle level, the seeds (of karma) being sown cannot be discerned. Only if you have inward vision, can you see this. So after such an understanding, is it necessary to spoil one’s intent and emotions?

Here’s one more example of when somebody insults, how it is the result of karma, where the karma is charging, how the karma gets discharged.

This is most practical for our day to day life…

When someone insults you or causes damage to you, it is all due to Scientific Circumstantial Evidences. The person is not at fault, he is only an instrument (apparent doer). How can the action originate without any cause?

How can the action originate without any cause? – This is the most important sentence.

Whatever suffering we experience, there must be a cause.

He (victim) himself has accumulated the cause karmas of receiving insults (from his past life), which results as an effect and manifests into physical form when all circumstances come together. The seeds alone cannot come into fruition; all the circumstantial evidences have to be met, so that the tree can grow and one can get its fruit. Until all the evidences are met, how can the fruit be achieved?

So, we sowed the seeds of insult in the past. But for the maturation of the fruit, all the evidences have to be met. Human beings bind karmas because of ignorance. They perceive the ‘instrument’ to be the doer, and thus blame the instrument….

This is where the mistake happens by people. The insult comes to us because of our causes. But people believe that he has insulted me, therefore they blame the instrument. And if we see the fault of the other person, that’s the charging point of karma.

If one has the right knowledge, he will see that the person is only an instrument (nimit) and therefore faultless. He will understand, “This insult is the result of my own karmas.” This way, one does not create new karmas and becomes free. If he happens to perceive the person to be the culprit, then he must do pratikraman (repentance for seeing him at fault) at that very moment.

“Shoot on sight” (repent as soon as the mistake happens) so that the seeds of karma do not come into fruition in future.

Due to ignorance of the Self, the karma get charged and automatically, in next life get discharged And due to ignorance, while experiencing the karmas, raag-dwesh (likes-dislikes) is created, which in turn creates new seeds of karma that mature in the next life and have to be suffered. The Living Gnani gives the right knowledge and prevents one from creating new seeds of karmas. Gradually, when all karmas have been completely exhausted one attains the final Moksha. This is when the law of karma stops chasing that person. So come, let us also go to Gnani, and from Him attain the right knowledge that can take us to Moksha. is the link that will take us to Him!!!


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