Top 30 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms You Never Knew…

Top 30 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms You Never Knew

Kundalini Awakening refers to the awakening of the extreme energy that resides within you. The awakening of this energy leads to Spiritual Enlightenment and attainment of perfect bliss.

It is quite an excruciating process as you have to let go of every desire, wish, relation, attachment, and emotion. This starts with leaving all the baggage that you have collected throughout your prior life and going for a new life that has nothing in common with your life before enlightenment. Kundalini energy awakens either on its own or through the regular practice of kundalini yoga.

Here are the signs, both known and unknown, of a true Kundalini awakening.

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1) Experiencing something exceptional

You will know that your Kundalini has been awakened when you start experiencing something that doesn’t belong to your world. You may have the divine visions, smells, and sound you are not familiar with, or even deeply blissful state.

2) The meditation is pleasant to you with Kundalini awakening process

Your soul will be deeply connected with meditation. You might not want to open your eyes after the meditation and sometimes not even able to open the eyes. You will get the diving pleasure while meditating. The meditation will lead your mind to plunge into the ocean of perfect bliss. Whenever you are not in meditation, your body starts throwing limbs forcibly and you may shout like an animal.

3) Sensations in your Root Chakra

The Kundalini awakening may lead to the sensations at your Root Chakra too. As this energy is coiled at the base of the spine where The Root Chakra is located, you will feel the sensations at your Root Chakra when the energy is first released.

4) Drunk off holiness

When your Kundalini is awakened, you will feel drunk off divinity. You’ll feel high even if you haven’t taken any drugs. You will feel unlikely to talk or listen to others. You will not be able to do any other work.

5) Beautiful visions while meditating

When you are meditating, you will feel the divinity within, and see some extremely divine and beautiful visions. You will literally fall into a dreamy state of mind with perfect delight. You will be able to communicate with God and receive his instructions and signals.

6) Feeling the energetic sensations

You may feel something like electrical current passing through your body with the spine as the origin of this energy. These energetic sensations can generate vibrations in your body.

7) An urge to do yogic body locks

You may feel the urge to do certain body locks deep inside your heart, even when you haven’t done them before. These yogic body locks will be completely unfamiliar to you but still, you will be executing them with ease and minimal or no pain.

8) Effortlessly holding the breath

When your Kundalini is awakened, you’ll be proficient in holding your breath for a long time without any effort. The cessation of breath will create no difficulties for you.

9) Raised confidence in public

You will be able to speak and represent yourself in public without any hesitation and there will be no fear of insecurity and insult in you. When you will become an expressive person, then you will know that your Kundalini has been awakened.

10) Shakes and jerks in the body

You can feel certain shakes and jerks in the body especially around the spine. These jerks can be completely out of your understanding and control and sometimes these jerks can put your body into action.

11) Losing your body

When you feel out of your senses during the meditation, then you might have awakened your Kundalini. You may feel your body lost while meditating. You might not feel anything with the senses of your body. It will be like being numb without the feelings of pain, cold, hot, or anything.

12) Crawling sensation

If you are feeling like some insects or snakes are crawling over your body, then you might have an enlightened soul with the Kundalini Awakening.

13) Increased focus

You will be blessed with increased focus. While in meditation, you will directly be able to focus on your third eye and set your soul into deep meditation, without sensing this world.

14) The blank mind

Your mind will be blank and there will be no thoughts revolving in it. Your mind will be free from all the desires, attachments, and greediness and your soul will be pure. You will remember nothing about this world that was related to your previous life. There will be a void of outer knowledge inside your brain.

15) Nature’s secrets will be revealed to you

When there is no doubt in you about nature and your soul is done with the manifestation of this universe, with absolute clarity, then you have achieved the Kundalini Awakening.

16) Inner wisdom will develop

Everlasting wisdom may evolve inside you. Eventually, you will be able to understand the meanings of the spiritual texts you have never been through. This awakening will make you the wisest person that you can be. You acquire an extraordinary sensitivity to the perplexing meanings of spiritual science even at the very first glance. You will be the master of extreme intelligence and intellect.

17) A feeling of perfect bliss

You may have the blissful feeling deep inside you with the natural urge of enchanting the mantra “Om” which will set your soul at ultimate peace. You will feel all the joys of this world during meditation and mantra chanting.

18) You will be calm like never before

You will have the tendency to remain calm and cozy even in negativity and a big catastrophe.

19) Unexplained blissful feelings

You may feel the divine blissful feelings that are beyond verbal explanations. While praying, you may feel the hymns singing with blissful music. The charming sounds shall surround you and you will sink in the sea of pleasure. These feelings show that you have awakened your Kundalini.

20) The weightless body

You may feel that your body is as light as air. You can feel the extreme energy within you, which is inexhaustible and can’t be taken away. Eventually, you will able to do things with ease. If you are feeling all these within you, then your Kundalini might have awakened.

21) Heightened creativity

You will be able to give rise to beautiful compositions and poems without any effort. The inner composer that you have never known will come out as the finest artist.

22) Intense cooling and heating

The feelings of intense cooling and eventually intense heating may take place in your body as a result of the Kundalini Awakening.

23) Mood swings

You may experience huge emotional shifts and frequent mood swings as the result of the Kundalini awakening.

24) Waves of pleasure

The unanticipated waves may be running inside your body, leading to divine pleasure. Sometimes, you may feel orgasms too.

25) Your senses may be overloaded

Your sensory organs will become overactive. You will start feeling too much of everything. Too much of noise, unexpected visions, never before experienced tastes and touch sensations may surround you.

26) Strange inner sounds

There can be the sounds of buzzing, chanting, screaming, thunder, or even music that you will feel. These sounds will be perceptible only to you and you will experience some inner voices. There is also room for you to experience frightful visions.

27) End of your misery

Once you are awakened, you won’t be feeling miserable anymore. The awakening is the end of your miseries and the start of a blissful life. The divine bliss will surround your life and you will be free from all the attachments that can cause suffering.

28) Losing control over your body

When your Kundalini is awakened, your body begins to tremble. Your hair will stand on its roots. Your tongue will begin to utter unusual things. You will eventually start laughing or crying for no particular reason. Semen may pass out or sometimes you may also feel frightened.

29) Some spiritual influence on your mind

You’ll know that your Kundalini is awakened when you are feeling like some spirit has possessed your mind and you are performing some weird yet pleasurable actions under a spiritual influence. You will be able to do the things that you have never known with the ease and you will know the things that you have never known before.

30) Punctuality for meditation

The awakened Goddess Kundalini will lead to an absolute sense of punctuality. You’ll be quite serious and punctual about the morning and evening sessions of the meditation. You are completely unlikely to miss or skip meditation.

You might be amazed at reading these Kundalini awakening symptoms. There will be questions in your mind about all this stuff like “Is it real?” “How could I make this happen?” There can be much more mystification.

But let me tell you, these symptoms are drawn from the real Kundalini Awakening Experiences. Many people have reported these symptoms on having their Kundalini awakened. These experiences will surely put you to a deep wonder but honestly, this process is not an easy one. As it takes a lot, so it will make a lot too.

If you have any query regarding these Kundalini awakened symptoms. Please comment below.


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