How To Know You Are Moving Into The 5th Dimension – 5 Signs You Are Shifting…

How To Know You Are Moving Into The 5th Dimension – 5 Signs You Are Shifting

As we are getting closer and closer to shifting into 5d consciousness, I have decided to create a mini-guide about how to know you are moving into the fifth dimension by giving you very 5 specific signs you can easily recognize.

Before we start, I would like to clarify that you might experience all these signs in different moments, or all together at the same time or you might experience only a few. It doesn’t really matter. We all have a very unique experience when it comes to access higher dimensions, whatever yours is, is absolutely fine.

1) The first clear sign you are shifting to higher consciousness is very simple and yet so powerful.

You do not recognize your life anymore. 

All of a sudden, you feel totally out of place, you don’t fit in anymore and everything around you looks familiar but you don’t belong to it anymore. It’s like you are living somebody else’s life. So if you wake up one day questioning your job, your lifestyle, even the place you are living in….no, it is not a middleaged crisis, whatever that means and you are not going crazy.

Your soul knows what you need better than the human in you.

When you awaken and ascend, you start seeing yourself differently, you feel a very strong need for change, everything you know is not enough anymore, you want more and you also realise that the answers you are looking for are not in the material plane.

2) The second sign is the basis of any soul searching work.

You become a truth seeker.

Your eyes are suddenly wide open and what you see doesn’t make sense to you anymore and so you read, you study, you spend hours searching for the truth behind everything. You don’t believe in what you hear in the news anymore, you don’t judge knowing only one side of the story anymore, you don’t believe in something only because someone said something somewhere, you are not interested in the personal opinion of anybody anymore, you don’t care about gossip or drama.

You simply know there is a higher reason behind everything and understand that reason is the only thing you are interested in.

3) The third sign is what defines us as divine beings.

Our purpose and soul mission.

When you start shifting into the fifth dimension you realize you are here for so much more than paying the bills, being enslaved in a job you don’t like waiting for retirement to enjoy some freedom. You realize you have a higher calling and you are here to serve it, you realize you are part of something much bigger than the physical plane, that you have a mission to accomplish and a journey of evolution to walk which is not only for you but for the collective as well.

And so you find yourself looking for your life purpose, you feel in need to align to it because that is the only way of living that makes to you now. You find yourself studying different subjects, reinventing yourself, perhaps quitting your job, starting from 0. When you are moving to 5d consciousness you realize you have been given the privilege of a second chance and you are very motived and committed to fully take this opportunity.

You are not willing to compromise yourself and your life anymore.

4) Sign number 4 you are shifting to higher consciousness.

You become an observer.

Very often we think that having an awakening is about saving other souls and help at all costs, about sacrifice ourselves for others.
The savior syndrome is just a phase and when we understand a little bit more about our journey, we realize we are not here to save anybody, we are not here to rescue, we are not here to interrupt anyone’s learning experience.

We are here to contribute to the evolution of humanity and serve our divine nature the best we can.

And so we drop judgements, we leave things and people that don’t serve us anymore behind, we work on ourselves with objectivity without being dragged up and down by the emotion of the moment. We are present, centered, focused.

5) You become more aware of your body and what you put in it.

You understand that your body is the vessel you picked to serve you in this lifetime and you start treating it with respect and love.

You start reading the labels of the foods you buy at the supermarket, you change your diet, you become more careful about what kind of chemicals you are ingesting, you start looking into holistic solutions, and so on. Bear in mind that there is no rule saying that you should become vegan or vegetarian, that you should stop drinking coffee and alcohol altogether, your body will tell you exactly what it needs to stay healthy and strong, listen to it carefully.

Drinking coffee or having crisps from time to time, doesn’t make you any less spiritual but when you start shifting, you stop relying on substances or food to make yourself happy, you stop treating food as a reward or your best friend.

Your relationship with your body becomes a partnership, a beautiful love story, and yes, sometimes you can argue and slip but at the end of the day, you will be always grateful for the body you have chosen.

I hope that this article helped you to understand how to know you are moving into the fifth dimension and that these 5 signs you are shifting makes sense to you.


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