5 Important Things You Need To Know About The Law Of Attraction…

5 Important Things You Need To Know About The Law Of Attraction

I have heard about the Law of Attraction many years ago, but never really understood it fully until earlier this year. I used to think (and I believe a lot of people do to) that it is like a technique that you use in order to manifest the things you want, and see it as something you need to learn or to master. At the beginning of this year, I’ve started to find information about the law of attraction everywhere and meeting amazing people that are into the LOA as well, so I’ve decided to fully dive into it. And what I have discovered changed my life completely.

I have been on a spiritual journey for a long time, shedding the layers of what is not my truth and living a life aligned with my true self. This is is not an easy journey, but I’m an old soul and that is what I signed up for in this life. And so in that respect, the law of attraction makes total sense. So I want to share here the 5 most important things I have learned about the LOA and hopefully help you too in your own journey:

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1) The Law of Attraction is the Law of You

The LOA is not something external from you, it is not a technique to learn or something you apply to manifest something and then leave it. The law of attraction is basically who you are. It is realizing that you are the co-creator of your life. That you have to work on yourself, raise the bar in your life and then the Universe will respond and match your vibrations. We live in a you-first Universe. You need to become what you want to attract.

2) The Law of Attraction is Effortless

I am in several LOA groups on Facebook and I see many people complaining “I have tried so many LOA tactics, like vision boards and mantras, etc, and nothing seems to work.”

The thing is, the law of attraction is not something “you do”, it is something you are. We live in a culture of doing, and making things happen, and go get it, etc., and so many of us are focused on effort and hustling. The LOA again is the law of you. And it’s the law of you being who you truly are at the soul level. There is no effort required to be who you truly are. You just need to focus on listening to and following your internal guidance system, and that is all you need.

3) Doing Comes from Divine Inspiration

You still need to act and do, but this doing needs to come from a very different place; not from hard work or hustling until you are exhausted, but from divine inspiration. When you are listening to your true self and focused on putting your well-being first, you are in the flow. And so divine inspiration will come to you in the form of ideas, people, experiences, etc. And you’ll know when to act because it will feel good! You feel joy, you feel aligned and you feel alive. That is your normal state of deliberate creation.

4) Let Go of Old Limiting Beliefs

The fastest way to let go of old limiting beliefs and templates is realizing that many beliefs and behaviors you have are not your truth. They were simply acquired from other people, very often at a young age. Many people hold on to old limiting templates because they continue to feed it energy. They allow themselves to believe in them and feel bad about it. Instead, shift the focus to what is your truth. Your inner truth is the complete opposite: it makes you feel happy, joyful. Feed that, give it so much energy that it will become your new normal.

Whenever you feel an old behavior or pattern come to the surface in the form of a thought, acknowledge it and say “this doesn’t serve me anymore, today I choose different”.

5) Be the Awareness Behind It

As I said previously, the law of attraction is the law of you. It’s the law of peeling the layers of what is not your truth. So, this is a process. Many people tend to think that if they feel bad for some reason, they are out of alignment and ruined the whole manifesting thing. No you really haven’t. We are here in this life to learn and evolve. This is a never-ending journey with no holidays or time-out. Peeling layers of years of conditioning is painful and sometimes it can feel like going through an emotional surgery. That is why I always say that the law of attraction is not a superficial thing. Because you are not superficial. You are a soul. You need to dig deeper into yourself like never before if you want your life to change. Be gentle with yourself, and especially be the awareness behind the process. Listen to what comes up inside of you and ask what is that trying to tell you. What do you need to know and release?

As long as you are listening and following your inner truth you can never be out of alignment. And, enjoy the process that is manifesting every day. Pay attention to the “little” magical things, messages and signs from the Universe. It is always speaking to you.


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Carla Gadyt

Old soul and free spirit flowing with the often wild current of life.

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