The #1 Key To Your Prosperity (It’s Not What You Think)…

The #1 Key To Your Prosperity (It’s Not What You Think)

Money can be a hot-button issue as it triggers the deepest insecurities and fears around our survival and self-worth. Many avoid facing these issues directly and instead find themselves caught in an endless cycle of “not enough” money, living meagerly and worrying about what will happen with their finances next.

However, it is unnecessary to live in this disempowered way a moment longer! We are now entering a time in consciousness where it’s imperative that we heal our relationship with money so that all areas of our lives can thrive. Why? At the core of our relationship with money is our belief in our self-worth, our deservedness for thriving while on this Earth plane and our ability to be self-sustaining as a human.

So when we heal at the level of our self-worth, our deservedness and our ability to thrive, all areas of our life expand and prosper. And so, the big reveal is here, it is now upon you.

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Your Relationship with Money Matters

The path to healing your relationship with your money, with your finances and with your prosperity is this:

  • Align with your Higher Self.
  • Align with who you really are.
  • Align with the deepest, truest You.
  • When you do this, you will thrive.

When you do this, you remember your innate Divine worth, you remember how you deserve all of the richness that life has to offer. You remember that your survival is already predetermined and there is nothing to fear. You remember you are held by the hands of The Divine and that through your connection with your essential nature you automatically and immediately live in Prosperity. You recognize that your #1 financial plan is this: spiritual practice, energetic healing/clearing, financial focus through your connection to your Higher Wisdom. Of course, there are real-world action steps to take but they will not yield you true prosperity without the above as your foundation.

The Divine Truth

I know you may look around and see those in the 3D* who have amassed “wealth” without these principles, but I must remind you my dear one that you are here for a Higher way of being. You are what is called an Advanced Soul, otherwise known as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), an empath, an intuitive, a lightworker.

You have lived too many lifetimes to operate in a 3D manner and thrive. If fact, as you may have discovered, if you try to operate by following the 3D model, the opposite will occur for you. Only a foundation of spiritual practice and healing will set you free into your ultimate prosperity and thriving. So now that you know this essential, Divine truth about your money and finances, about your inherent worth – now you must apply this. Now you must take action to integrate these knowings into your body-mind-Spirit. Now it’s time to make this Divine Wisdom not only just known by you but lived by you.

Sit now, both your hands on your heart, breathe deeply inhaling through your nose, exhaling you’re your mouth, call on your connection to Source and all of your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light and ask: what is the next step you can take to experience radical prosperity at this time?

And then, take those actions.

I’ll “see” you there.

*3D consciousness is a physical-only focused level of consciousness that is rooted in fear, survival consciousness, scarcity and competition. It is based on the belief that all that is, is only that which you can see with your physical eyes and which can be created through the logic of the brain. This has been the predominant consciousness of the collective for some time, but that is beginning to change with you and me and all those who read these words.


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