A Key To Enlightenment

Enlightenment can mean various things, depending on the philosophical and religious background of the person attaining it. From personal experience and what I’ve found to be similar aspects of what gurus and masters from the east, it’s being fully awake, liberated, or a “realized being”—having self-awareness, spiritual knowledge, and insight.

When I say fully awake, I’m not speaking of those—typically, leftists—who consider themselves as part of the “woke” movement, or whatever the fuck they mistakenly call themselves. Those protesting for BLM, LGBT, climate change, feminism, etc., etc., etc., are nowhere near what I’m speaking of. If you think of yourself as a victim to oppression, or to anything at that, you are not an awakened being. You’re simply, what is now known as “New Woke.”

However, there are those within that group who have begun their path towards a more enlightened state, with their eyes opening up to see how these social movements have been corrupted and being part of these protests is not a revolutionary act, but simply playing into the system, in what is one of its greatest tricks—using the rebellious nature of human beings to their advantage.

Many people have experienced such heightened states after taking psychedelic drugs, such as psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, and DMT, to name a few. This was precisely what the acid-craze was looking to achieve within the counterculture of the 60s. Why dedicate rigorous discipline and practice to mediation like eastern monks to reach a higher state of consciousness when you can alter your brain chemistry directly with “chemical enlightenment?”

The answer is right there, it’s an artificial state that is only temporary. The only permanent state one would achieve by continuously taking psychedelic drugs would be a permanently fried one.

These temporary states of consciousness can open your eyes to the hidden realities of our world, but wouldn’t bring you to a state of full enlightenment. Just because one is aware of or has knowledge of there being nothing real within what is considered “reality,” doesn’t necessarily mean they are enlightened. They have yet to see the truth of who they think they are, and have not seen the death of the psychological life of that person. It is a general consensus that the result of this death is a rebirth—realized freedom from psychological suffering.

This death of self doesn’t necessarily mean a literal death; although, it can be. For example, someone being revived after flatlining from a drug overdose, or a suicide. If one has taken enough drugs to overdose, or has reached a point in their depression to end their life, they should have a good idea of what human suffering truly is. And it’s not the everyday challenges and stresses that arise in life, or physical pain we all encounter at times, but rather, the chronic condition of anxiety, depression, loneliness, or despair, as well as the destructive behaviors that result from such conditions.

This suffering isn’t evident to many people because their comfortable circumstances often mask the instability and vulnerability that lies beneath them. Or, they are so deluded into believing they are in control and happy with temporary, material gratifications that they are able to ignore the underlying reality.

When trauma is experienced, it can take a lifetime to face and truly deal with it. Many find themselves becoming comfortable wallowing within their own misery, playing the victim hoping to be rescued with attention. These people never find what they want in life, and never will, unless their underlying trauma beneath is realized and dealt with. Fear and anxiety keep them from turning to face their shadow selves, or inner demons, that is their undealt past trauma.

Once the courage is mustered to face what scares you—to venture down into the depths of Hell and take on the demons that torment them–the healing process can begin. Without the weight of past traumas bearing down on the body and filling up the mind, one feels lighter and has room within the mind to pay attention to themself and the world around them. They begin to reevaluate their lives and discover patterns and habits that had previously held them back, and decide to try a different way.

What were previously seen as coincidences, now have an apparent purpose, becoming synchronicities that help guide them toward further states of enlightenment. This doesn’t mean that your life becomes free of conflict. Rather, with the death of the old Self, there’s a rebirth in your perception, or how you see and understand yourself and the world.

After one has been to Hell and back, things that would typically cause one stress, seem trivial and nothing to fret over.

In my own experience, to keep within such a heightened state of consciousness, one must pay it forward, being selfless and helping others. When in such a state of enlightened perception and awareness, there is an innate desire to help your fellow human beings, as well as every other living organism—especially those suffering from what had previously kept you trapped within a lower state of ego and Self.

It is important to be mindful of the fact that others cannot be forced to face their own trauma and suffering. You can give them the tools, offer support, and lead by example, but ultimately, it is up to them to realize and understand on their own. With the economy in shambles, and the livelihoods of many being destroyed, more people are experiencing excruciating lows and hitting rock bottom. Some have turned to drugs to cope and others have taken their own lives. Yet, those with a strong survival instinct have persevered and found themselves out of the psychological suffering, which has resulted in their own awakening.

These are the ones who will lead the real revolution against our corrupt system. Not the “oppressed victims” who don’t know shit about human suffering.


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