Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates, Twin Flames And Karma…

Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates, Twin Flames And Karma

Soul Mates do not add to karma, but help you wake up to your immortal soul. Twin Flames are only brought together, when their karma has been lifted. Karmic relationships are brought together by karma.

When you truly meet a Soul Mate, they will give you a charismatic gift. Soul Mates (who are also non-romantic) along with Twin Flames are your spiritual family, but Soul Mates help you wake up to your immortal Soul. By the time you are blessed to reunite with your soul’s counterpart (Twin Flame), you would be awakened by the help of your Soul Mates.

If you take the gift that you were given, and you devote the time and energy to transform your ego and balance your own Karma (Each person must transform their own Karma and be one with the Divine, before one is reunited with their Twin Flame). You are in a good position, (but not before) to cross paths with the ultimate Soul Mate-the Twin Flame.

In an ordinary Karmic traditional social relationship, we are connecting to values from our personality. We may come from the same family background and maybe live in the same area. When we form an ordinary relationship, it feels like home and familiar to our personality.

What is Karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word, and it is embedded in eastern religions. Karma is not … Paybacks a bitch!

“Our natural state is to be one with God, or in tune with the ultimate Spirit, and all Karma suppresses this oneness as it creates separation. The goal is to become empty of Karma.”-Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Karma is in direct relation to the fall of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were once in a state of oneness but were expelled from the Garden of Eden because of their sins. Our minds must be in a state of oneness to get back into the garden and end of duality. It is the same with karma, to balance karma, is to bring us back into oneness.

The Rig Veda, Hinduism first holy scriptures states, “It is the vision of what is, the pattern, complete and perfect, of the universe that is to appear presently in space and time.

While the survey of the ideal universe is going on-the Atman being thus far quite self-forgetful, lost in the contemplation of the universal vision fades away from view.

This disappearance of the vision leads the Atman to turn inward as the experiencer of the vision, even though it is no longer there. Thus a distinction between the self as the experiencer, the subject and the vision as the experienced object, arises for the first time, and by this very distinction, thus realized, the Atman becomes limited, regarding the self as something other than the vision-becomes as it were, one of two things. Which means limitation, and no longer the unlimited all-in-all.

In other words, the Atman becomes the limited I, the individual ego. This experience is also one of movement away from the vision and then again toward it, in search of it; that is to say, it is Karma- activity, movement to and fro.”

“Ego is the aspect of the individual self that keeps us limited, confused and out of touch with the universal self. Ego and Karma are closely linked: the greater the karma the bigger the ego. The bigger the ego, the more karma clings to it. That’s why the goal of many spiritual practices is to loosen our habit of identifying ourselves with the ego.” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

We loosen our habit of identifying with the ego, but we do not obliviate the ego. We need a strong healthy ego to live in our world.

“The scriptures of every religion tell us we have free choice, but if everything is conditioned by previous action, who or what can stand apart from destiny long enough to choose, or lay claim to, our freedom?

The answer is the soul. In its perfection, the soul has no characteristics, it conceives of no time, and it perceives of no duality between heaven and earth, the physical and the spiritual, itself and its maker. It is simply what is and was always: perfection.

Hindus call it the Jiva-atman, the individual soul, because they know it to be the part of the great Atman, the Universal Soul. While the soul, in its perfection, can’t be touched by darkness, its radiance can become darkened by the clouds of karma. Our deeds add to, substract from, these clouds.” Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

The goal of religion and or Mystical Spirituality is to bring creator (ego) and creation (Soul) together. For there to be unity, there must be separation. You must know the difference between the ego and soul before you can unite them. And you must Know the difference between your ego and soul for you, to recognize your Soul Mates and or Twin flame.

To balance your karma and become one with your Soul Mates and or Twin Flame, it is imperative to know the difference between the Ego and Soul.

Do you know the Difference between your personality and your soul?

Our Personality: The Conscious Rational, Logical Mind, is the outward character of you. Deeply ingrained patterns of thought and behavior will tell you how you will act or react under different situations. The material world is valued by our personality and is perceived by the five senses. This is defined in what we do in the world, not who we really are on the inside. All of us are taught only to see the personality and nothing else.

With personality comes, ego and is Latin for I, it provides unity for the personality. We can communicate verbally with our personality. Its highest function is that of reasoning and to be able to live in the world. The dark side of ego is arrogance and fear. The ego does everything in its power to stay safe and secure.

Our Soul: The deepest most reaches of our inner being. It’s a form of consciousness permeated in and around us in time and space. It is not material therefore we cannot perceive it with our five senses. Scientists are starting to call this phenomenon, the non- local mind. The whole essence of this mind-energy is too powerful for it to be in around a body so it is lowered in frequency (number of cycles per second that energy pulsates) so this energy can connect with our DNA. It is individual energy connected with an infinite energy.

The soul is the source through which spiritual energy can reach us. All matter possesses a soul but not everyone expresses their spirit, which is the Divine in all of us. This is what distinguishes humans from other life forms. This energy extends beyond the physical body known as an aura. It is intangible to the naked eye but intuitively felt and seen. As with the Divine you need to feel this connection. It is not seen with the two regular eyes. It is an intuitive sense felt within you and around you.

I want to reiterate a particularly important point regarding Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Karmic Relationships: Soul Mates do not add to karma, but help you wake up to your immortal soul. Twin Flames are only brought together, when their karma has been lifted. Karmic relationships are brought together by karma.


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