What Is Joy And How Is It Accomplished?…

What Is Joy And How Is It Accomplished?

Hello everybody! This is Jesus. Today we’re going to talk about how is joy accomplished. So the first thing I want to say is this – joy is something that every single person needs, it’s not just something that’s good to have, it something that’s actually, basically, it’s essential for your well-being. Now the point is not everyone feels joy, not everyone is in a state of joy, some people are feeling very bad, some people feel good one day, bad the next.

The thing is joy is something that comes at a certain time and it lasts forever. Now you may think that sounds like a fairy tale, but actually it’s not a fairy tale. The point I’m trying to make is joy is something that you can find in every single moment of your life. The problem is we are disengaged from reality, we are not completely, truly, realising what is truth, what is happiness, what is pleasure. The point I am trying to say is, when you see the truth you will have joy and joy will never disappear, joy will stay forever.

So what is joy? Joy is basically an uplifting feeling of pleasure, a pleasurable, wonderful feeling and it’s basically what gives us the impetus to live. If we don’t have joy we don’t really have much reason to live, now I’m not saying there is no point in living if you’re not feeling joyful, there is great meaning and purpose to be found through your lives, however if you can find joy in your every single moment, your life will be a complete, happy, wonderful affair.

Now what is the meaning of success? Success is when you feel like you’re attaining your wishes and I want to say this – success isn’t something that happens once, success is something that can happen again and again and again. Now I want to tell you this – the real meaning of success is finding joy, that’s what real success is. You may succeed in your love life, you may succeed in your work life, you may succeed in your spiritual accomplishments, but all of these are not real true accomplishments unless there is joy. When joy is present you’re already there.

Now let’s talk about what brings joy. Joy basically comes from two things – one is feeling of compassion, that’s one, the second element of joy is a feeling of open heartedness. Basically, when you’re living with an open heart you’re feeling joy.

Now there are many questions that arise such as what about when I fall in love? What about when I find my dreams come true? These are all causes of joy, I would agree with you. The great things in life they do bring joy, but the reason you feel joyful is because these things make your heart open, they actually open you to what is already present.

When I say this, I’m saying that basically, joy is getting touch, getting in touch with what is already present and what is present is love. Love is everything, love is the whole basis of your existence, love is the basis of the universe, in fact I would say nothing can exist without love.

So those peak moments in life when everything comes together, when you feel great, when you’re happy, when your smiling, playing, dancing, singing, those are the moments when you’re in touch with what is already there. Your love, your ever-present ever lasting love.

So your question is this – if I want joy what do I do? I will give you a very simple process you can use again and again and again to create more joy in life. The first step is this – take a few nice deep breaths, once you feel at peace, relaxed and ready I want you to imagine this: I want you to think of three people in your life, one you really like, one you like somewhat and one you don’t like much. I want you to bring these people to mind and I want you to imagine your heart it becomes like a beautiful glowing star, your heart is a shining, glowing star and I want you to imagine from your heart you radiate a light beam of love into this person’s heart. You start with the person you like and you send them love.

You send them love for a few minutes and you think something like “I wish you success”, “I wish you happiness”, “I wish you joy.” You send this person a good wish, a happy, wonderful wish and you spent a few minutes doing so. That that’s easy part, that’s not difficult, that’s easy. Now the next step is you send it to someone you don’t like as much, someone a bit neutral, you don’t particularly like or dislike this person. Now you send love for a few minutes and then when you’re finished, you send it to the person you don’t like.

If you can send love to all three people, then your heart is open. It’s as easy as that. That is a process to open the heart and if you meditate like this everyday, your joy will emerge.

So that has been a short meditation on how to generate joy, which is an essence love, which is in essence well-being. All three of these are as one. Goodbye.


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