Insights Revealed By A High Vibration Psychic Reading…

Insights Revealed By A High Vibration Psychic Reading

One can find many psychic readers and psychic reading types. These kinds of spiritual readings are pursued to receive wisdom on a higher level belonging to the soul level. The common denominator among them is to provide competent spiritual guidance to the person receiving the reading.

Many spirituals like channelers, mediums, psychics, etc. work with spiritual energy to connect with the person’s energy receiving the reading. Other spiritual work with external higher entities that do the same thing for them. Psychics are proficient in clairvoyance, clairsentience, and other senses. Each psychic is specialized in a niche so his insight is limited by the frame of his spiritual ability.

A higher vibration psychic reading can spark awareness whether you’re interested in receiving a reading for your spiritual status you are now on your path in life, or just for your curiosity’s sake. I will give you further several insights that are revealed with a competent psychic reading:

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Understand your soul and body vibration

Your psychic reading will include an assessment of your soul’s vibration and even your body’s vibration. Vibration means actually the awareness level one reached according to the chakras scale, whether of your soul or body.

This information will provide insight into the state of your soul evolution, and areas that are needed for spiritual improvement. By identifying your soul’s vibration and improving it, you can make authentic changes to your life. You can thus access higher levels of universal knowledge, an improved connection between your soul and your mind to get accurate suggestions from your soul, or even from entities in higher dimensions of vibrations (saints, enlightened souls).

Your body vibration (awareness level) shows how well you fared until now in life. It shows technically how well your body cells exchange energy (prana) with the rest of Creation around. For instance, a lower body vibration shows you have a lot of limiting beliefs in your subconscious that hold you down; a higher one shows you keep your beliefs in check, have a good diet, exercise, and even follow some spiritual practice.

The causes of your illnesses

Many people pursue psychic readings to get to the root cause of their physical illness. The physical manifestations of illness are linked to spiritual factors such as limiting beliefs in our subconscious, which in turn tend to block the chakras. Further, these blocked chakras lead to physical symptoms, and only at this point, the mainstream medicine acknowledges them. Ideally, we should strive to heal the causes, that is to release these limiting beliefs.

By understanding the body-mind connection, you can work to reduce these symptoms while cultivating spiritual fulfillment. A psychic can direct you toward the cause and help you develop spiritual awareness.

Your optimal spiritual path

When as soul you came down here for embodiment in this life, you came with a list of main life lessons to experience, to which an Optimal Spiritual Path corresponds. Different schools of spiritual thought have conceived the concept of the spiritual path. Whether you believe in animism, karma, rebirth, or some other form of soul path, you can learn more about how your spiritual path influences your life, what you have to learn, and where you are headed. Your psychic reading can provide you with information to cultivate your spiritual compass.

Know how open your chakras are, what blocks them

In your reading, the psychic can explain how energy influences the course of your life. You’ll learn how open your chakras are, and how to use your energy to open more of your chakras and find alignment within your body and mind. An open chakra allows energy/prana to flow freely and feed correctly the body organs around, while a blocked one depletes of energy the organs around.

Release limiting beliefs

During your psychic reading, you will be informed of some of the limiting beliefs you may hold onto, and how to release them to achieve spiritual fulfillment. The idea behind this is that external factors stunt people, and put in them all sorts of limiting beliefs that will cause hardships to them later on in life. By learning to let go of these conventional ideas, you feel liberated and access your higher self. Releasing limiting beliefs will allow you to heal, find ways in life obscured until then, and be open to other opportunities in life inaccessible until then.

Balance of Feminine and Masculine aspects in you

An aspect has nothing to do with whether we are a man or a woman, it means how a person sees and approaches life. For instance, the masculine aspect is more of a builder, draws and follows plans, has direction, is focused, has ambition, has a compass, but doesn’t have access to energy. The masculine aspect is active and goes out to discover the world.

The feminine aspect means nurturing others, is triggered by emotions mainly, has lost of empathy and tenderness, has intuition, has full access to energy and gives it to others etc. On the other hand, can’t follow a plan, doesn’t judge, doesn’t have discernment, it’s very difficult to make decisions, and so on. The feminine aspect is passive, expects others to come to her, not going out to discover the world.

Both aspects can have positive or negative attributes obviously, depending on the person’s choices in life. The two aspects were designed to ideally complement each other.


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