Here’s How To Tell If Your Third Eye Is Imbalanced (And How To Fix It)…

Here’s How To Tell If Your Third Eye Is Imbalanced (And How To Fix It)

Distraction is all around us, encroaching on every aspect of life these days. If you’re old enough to remember, you may, like me, think back longingly to the days when you would leave the house and no one could contact you! In those days we didn’t walk around with a little device constantly in our hands containing a never-ending source of distraction.

The problem is that when there is always something external to take your attention and energy it can be difficult to tap into your greatest source of information and guidance – yourself.

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The Third Eye: 6th chakra

Using our insight, intuition and intellect are all activities which fall into the arena of the 6th Chakra, otherwise known as your Third Eye! This chakra is located in the middle of your forehead and its color is indigo, a beautiful deep blue-purple color. This energy center develops fully in our 50s when we find ourselves becoming more interested in exploring and trusting our inner being.

Most people are aware that we have 7 main energy centers in the body. These energy centers operate on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Different systems call the energy centers different names, but almost all traditional systems of medicine recognize these energy centers as well as other minor energy centers, and energy pathways. In my practice, I refer to the energy centers as the Chakras – which comes from the Indian tradition. Many energy healers work with the Chakras.

Chakras are areas where the body is very open to receiving energy, from all sources. When a chakra becomes imbalanced the flow of energy into it is depleted or even prevented. Each chakra governs and works with specific areas of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. In this piece, I discuss how to determine if your 6th chakra may be out of balance. I believe that this energy center is underused and under-respected in the modern western world! Like most things in life, energetic balance occurs on a spectrum. To determine if you may have an imbalance I will share below a number of examples of the extremes at either end of the spectrum – of course, we always aim to be as close to the middle, as much of the time, as we can.

Restive reflection

A good indicator of the balance of your 6th Chakra is the amount of time that you spend in reflection. If you easily find yourself drawn into the rabbit-hole of whatever it is that you are focusing on – living in your mind, perhaps even obsessively, this can indicate that your Third Eye is overactive. An unquenchable thirst for new knowledge is also common with overactive types, they tend to be seen by others as ‘brainy’!

On the other hand, if you find it difficult to focus and you avoid deep thought, especially on new subjects, more often finding your mind a total blank you may be experiencing underactivity in this energy center. Just picture the quintessential ‘thinking’ pose – someone with a finger or two held right on the middle of their forehead, unconsciously trying to activate the Third Eye energy center!

Third Eye sight

The Third Eye is commonly recognized for its role in intuition. This energy center controls both internal and external sight. People who have an overactive 6th Chakra may be overly reliant on their insight, even projecting what they ‘see’ within onto real-world reality and losing touch with the physical world in which they live. Overactive types have very strong visions of what is going to happen and may experience fast and intense mood changes as a result. Those whose Third Eye is underactive may lack the inner-sight of intuition as well as a good level of insight into situations that occur in the external world.

Are you a visual person?

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

If you find it hard to understand things that are not presented to you visually, or you spend a lot of time dreaming and picturing the future your 6th Chakra may be overactive. Overactive types tend to be big dreamers, both during the day and at night! This can, of course, mean that staying in the moment, in the present, may be tricky for you. If your focus tends to remain in the past because imagining the future is quite difficult for you then it is more likely that you have an underactive 6th Chakra. If this sounds like you then you probably also hardly ever remember your dreams!

Spice of life

This would have to be one of my preferred energy systems to work with because the foods that are great to assist with balancing it out are some of my favorites – chocolate, red wine, spices, and coffee! One of the indicators of an imbalance in the Third Eye is someone who easily becomes addicted to foods, especially those that change their mood and brain function quickly such as caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol.

Seeing the symptoms

If you recognize yourself in any of these physical signs and symptoms, you may have an imbalanced Third Eye chakra:

  • Attention deficit disorders, including ADHD
  • Insomnia
  • Sleeping very lightly or not enough
  • Sleeping too much
  • Mood swings
  • Very good or very poor memory
  • Fast/sharp mind or slow/dull mind
  • Eyesight problems
  • Eye infections
  • A headache and/or a migraine
  • Cognitive decline or dementia

Clearing the way to balance your Third Eye

Use the Evenstar 5 Star Well-being approach!


  • Eat intuitively – listen to your body about what it wants
  • Eat mindfully – don’t multi-task while eating, it is better not to be trying to digest information whilst also digesting food
  • Keep a food log – to identify food addictions (contact me for a template)
  • Modulate your consumption of mental stimulants such as caffeine and chocolate, and mood alterants such as alcohol
  • Consume 3 to 5 servings of blue-purple foods each week, including blueberries, blackberries, figs, plums, grapes, purple cabbage, purple kale, purple potatoes
  • Use herbs and spices daily in meals
  • Ensure you are getting enough omega-3 fats (the brain is 60% fat!) through things such as flaxseed, fatty fish, leafy greens, nuts and seeds


  • Undertake a variety of movement throughout the week, it’s important to ‘spice’ up your exercise regime as well
  • Use practices such as yoga or tai chi to take your focus inwards


  • Keep a dream journal beside the bed and write down what you remember as soon as you wake up. You may like to simply write down all the nouns from the dream and then use your intuition to access deeper meanings associated with these words in your life
  • If you need to relax more before going to bed try a yoga nidra practice or a relaxation meditation
  • Check out my website for essential oils that will help with sleep


  • Try closing your physical eyes, to open up your inner sight more
  • Wear the color indigo
  • Take regular breaks from screens and devices, to rest your physical eyes and reduce distractions from deep thought
  • Use equipment to reduce and balance exposure to electromagnetic frequencies


  • Amethyst – mind balancing, addictions, insomnia, remembering dreams, intuition
  • Moonstone – intuition, lucid dreaming, clairvoyance, emotional instability, insomnia
  • Blue Quartz – concentration, mentally calming, memory

Essential oils

For overactivity:

  • Lime will bring about a sense of peace in place of over-stimulation
  • Mandarin will help you move from feeling chaotic to feeling calm
  • Patchouli will help you move from uneven emotions to peace
  • Past Tense blend from DoTerra

For underactivity:

  • Clary Sage brings clarity where previously thoughts were inert
  • Sage helps you move from ignorance to knowing
  • Lemongrass will make you once again feel emotionally expansive instead of constrained
  • Peppermint moves you from lacking the focus to persistence
  • InTune and Past Tense blends from DoTerra


  • Meditation – meditation with the eyes closed, guided visualizations are ideal if you have an imbalance in this chakra
  • Variety – make sure you bring new and different things into all areas of your life
  • Affirmations – I am filled with clarity, I am focused on what is important, My intuition nourishes and guides me
  • Keep an Emotion Log to determine patterns (contact me for a template)
  • Energy healing


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