Innovative Body-Mind-Spirit Approach To Stress Management…

Innovative Body-Mind-Spirit Approach To Stress Management


Anywhere from 50 to 100 million people in this country suffer from chronic stress related illness, and associated feelings of sadness, and “dis-connectedness”. And unfortunately it affects women much more than it does men. That will be discussed at length in a future post.

These feelings of sadness, and “dis-connectedness” can be overwhelming and often feel like Depression. Clinical Depression is a condition that can only be diagnosed by a physician, but many people self-diagnose themselves as being “depressed”, and use that term to describe the deep feelings of sadness, and hopelessness that they experience as a result of stress.

Very often, these feelings are accompanied by a host of physical symptoms that seem to have no particular medical cause, like Migraine headaches, head, neck, back, and facial pain, ear pain, hearing loss, dizziness, Vertigo, and chronic fatigue to mention a few. I put obesity into that category as well.

Let me clarify that. I am referring to the type of obesity that is caused by a compulsive desire to eat. It is very much similar to any other kind of substance abuse. When people are not comfortable with the way they feel, they look to change that feeling by putting something into their bodies. For some people, their drug of choice is food.

We are all such sensitive beings, whether we like to admit it or not. Most of us are more sensitive than we even imagine, and because we live in such a stressful world, we tend to absorb the stress, and we internalize it. It gets lodged inside of us, blocking the flow of our “energy”, and in doing so causes us to experience physical and emotional pain.

Just turning on the news, and hearing what’s going on in the world can cause some of us to feel ill, or hopeless, or “dis-connected”. How you start your day is critical in determining how you will handle the stressful situations that cross your path during the course of your day. There are no rules in life, but the one thing you can count on is that you will definitely encounter stressful situations during the course of your day.

Life very often seems to be everything you don’t expect, and nothing you do. if you wake up in the morning to a shrill alarm clock, or to news of plane crashes, crimes, and terrorist attacks, you are internalizing that information, and starting your day out in a very upsetting way.


It’s important that I explain this part, lest someone think it has something to do with religion. Religion can be a wonderful thing, but it tends to divide us, because it puts us into categories and people who don’t share your particular beliefs are outside of that category.

Spirituality on the other hand, brings us all together because all it asks is that you believe in a power or force greater than yourself. It’s the belief that there are forces in this world beyond our comprehension as people. And you can call it anything that’s comfortable for you, either Nature, The Universe, or G-d. It doesn’t matter what you call that Force, or how you refer to it, as long as you know it isn’t you.

Because if you think it’s you then you tend to blame yourself when things don’t go the way you’d like them to go. It’s important that we understand that it is not us that makes the sun come up, or the moon come out at night. We don’t change the tides, or make storms, or create nature. Only a higher Force than us is capable of doing that.

In upcoming columns, I will share with you certain spiritual principles that are literally thousands of years old, that will help you to deal with the stress in your lives. For now, to begin, lets start simply with a good way to start your day.

Allow yourself to wake up gradually to quiet music on a tape or C.D., … something peaceful, not a radio or T.V. Wake up five minutes early, and just lie there for a moment in gratitude, internalizing the Healing music, and thanking The Universe for all of the good things you have in your life, however simple they may be, rather than immediately dwelling on all the things you want and don’t have. Ask The Universe for guidance throughout your day, and when troubled, close your eyes for a moment, and seek the answer within.

Some people wake up in fear every day. As soon as their brains register that they’re awake, they can feel their palms get sweaty, and their heart starts to pound, as they realize that they have to face another day. In next week’s column, I’m going to approach how to handle that situation.

Until then, I send you light and love.


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