How To Use Your Inner Voice To Reach Your Goals…

How To Use Your Inner Voice To Reach Your Goals

We look for guidance in life every step of the way. We need guidance to decide what career to pursue, what to study, what to wear, and even what movies to watch. But we don’t bother to seek guidance when it comes to deeper understandings of life, like our true desires, connecting with our true selves, or how to lead to spiritual life.

Disturbed, tired, or unsure in life, people sometimes approach me to get answers. Surprisingly, when I tell them what they seek lies within them, they are amused and often deny it. We are not nurtured to pay attention to our inner voice. Whether a whisper or a scream, your inner voice can be a great source of guidance when you need it the most. I created the four voices method to help people connect with their inner voices.

Let’s explore how you can use your inner voice to achieve everything in life.

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What is the inner voice?

The inner voice of a person is their highest self, a voice that’s not affected by their own emotions, situations, or the emotions of others. It can be seen as an eagle-eye view that looks at things objectively without being affected by temporary things. I teach my guest to be mindful of their inner voice, whether responding to a present situation or reflecting on a past experience. It tells the truth that comes from within and innate intelligence. Through voice sound healing, I train them how to listen to what our body and soul have to say before focusing on an external source for direction.

Inner voice vs. intuition:

I often get asked whether inner voice and intuition are the same. The distinction between the two is sleek, so it can be hard to differentiate between intuition and your inner voice. Intuition is a learned practice, and it’s not always accessible. On the contrary, our inner voice is our soul’s voice, always guiding us. It’s more a matter-of-fact perspective that is naturally present in every human being.

How does the four voices method help?

My four voices methodology helps build intuition and cognizance towards the inner voice. People receive guidance from their inner voice through four channels. In my sound healing workshop, I teach how to harness each channel.

The four voices method focuses on the spirit’s inner voice to connect you with your spiritual self and nurture deep intuition. Then we move on to the physical voice of the body that, if listened to, enhances body, love, and health. It makes you confident and enables you to take pleasure in your sensuality. The emotional voice of the heart is next, which we strengthen to experience emotional healing. The final stage is the mental voice to master your mind and thoughts. It brings the clarity of thoughts and focus needed to succeed in life.

To seek guidance from your inner voice to reach the goals you desire, you have to make it more perceiving, mindfully, distilling, discerning and communicative. Sound healing mediation is a way to achieve the same. But there are other methods too that you can practice on your own.

How do you get in touch with your inner voice?

Don’t rush through life

If you are not mindful every day and just rushing through your days, you will not be able to get in touch with your inner voice. Creating space in your life through scheduling is how you make sure you give yourself time to connect with the inner voice.

Improve communication through deep listening

An important part of communication is listening. If you listen only to revert, you are not deep listening. Listening is a listening practice to understand and assimilate what the speaker is trying to convey. Making sense of unspoken words and subtle context is what active listening is. That’s how you can also listen to your inner voice and seek its guidance.

Explore intuition

The reason why sound healing mediation focuses on the sixth-sense of intuition is that it’s necessary to maximize your potential and act on things you think are out of your capacity. If you do not have much knowledge of the sixth sense, you will find it hard to connect with your inner voice. Studying your intuition can awaken your inner voice making it stronger. Know how your intuition guides you and builds a capacity to receive information from intangible channels.

Mind your physical and mental health

You can never access your higher self if your physical and mental well-being is disturbed. I use vocal sound healing to ensure my guest have harmonious and balanced chakras that boost their physical, emotional and mental health. Further, looking after your body through a healthy diet, moderate exercise, and supplements is essential.


Establishing a strong connection with your inner voice gives you an eternal source of guidance. I hope this guide will help you to acknowledge the importance of inner voice and how it can play a vital role in helping you achieve your goals.


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