7 Immutable Karmic Laws Which Can Transform Your Life…

7 Immutable Karmic Laws Which Can Transform Your Life


Much is said about karma and how it works.

For many, they see it as a way to explain anything and everything, forgetting that it’s based on what we do and that our fate is by no means predetermined.

Think of it like this: karma is the accumulation of all the good and bad things we’ve done that follow us from lifetime to lifetime. It’s like an etheric backpack we carry with us no matter what we do or where we go. The more good things we do, the more likely we are to pull something positive out of the bag rather than something negative.

Of course, that process can seem random. Sometimes when we do something good, negative karma may follow. This isn’t the result of the good action, rather it’s the past bad actions that are still coming at us.

This is why it’s so important to look at how you live your whole life.

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If You Want Something in Your Life, Get It Yourself

One of the most important things to understand about karma is the intricate connection it has to action. Karma = action. We can’t just hope things will turn out how we want…we have to actually work towards them. Good karma won’t necessarily give you everything; in fact, for some people, won’t give you anything.

So get in the habit now of remaking your life with action and determination.

Learn Self-Control

Karma is also about assuming responsibility for our actions. Knowing this, we have to take control of what we do — not what others do.

Our Life is Our Own Creation

Life is ultimately what we make of it. Sure, circumstances can get you down…but sheer determination and willpower can make a paradise out of hell and transform our destiny. There are many examples of this throughout history.

Every Lesson Must be Learned

Believe it or not, the role of karma is that of a teacher! Karma will continue to come back at us again and again until we’ve learned our lesson, however painful that may be.

Real Value Comes from Personal Achievement

Believe it or not, after a certain point what we want — money, respect, etc. — are not really what’s important to us. In reality, it’s the work and trials we went through to get them. That’s the real value.

Benefitting Only Yourself does not Bring True Fulfillment

In India, they teach wealth is meaningless unless it’s shared with everyone. If you get rich it’s great for you obviously, but karmically speaking, if you don’t learn to share that victory with others you will be forced to learn the importance of doing so. Dedicating yourself to the upliftment of others through your own good fortune brings positive karmic influence.

Be Truly Happy

Happiness — especially happiness gleaned from meditation and silent connection within — is the most important karmic law. It helps to erase bad karma by improving our choices in the present. It also attracts more happiness to you.


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