How Can You Change The World?…

How Can You Change The World?

Before we discuss how we could change the world, let’s dwell on the objective behind changing the world. Why would one want to change the world?

  • To make it a better place to live in,
  • To live a happy and peaceful life,
  • To have strong and healthy relationships,
  • To get things to flow in harmony with each other,
  • To spread love and warmth in the universe,
  • To connect people with people, and
  • To bring about a united and prosperous world.

So how do we go about changing the world? By crying, sobbing and complaining about our problems? We cannot fulfill any of our above-stated objectives by crying and sobbing, can we?

How about intimidating everyone to bring about the change? This will not serve our objective either.

Start a revolution? Force the change in? Fight for the change? No! Love, peace, and harmony cannot be fostered through any form of force or violence.

Then, by talking and convincing the world?

Everyone’s level of understanding is different. And so is everyone’s karma. Imagine the magnitude of difference of opinions and conflicts that’ll crop up, how will we manage that?

Changing the world is not an easy task! So, what do we do?

Adjustment is the Answer

The Indian spiritual teacher, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, says, “From my early childhood, I enquired deeply whether this world was going in the right or the wrong direction. I found that no one has the power to change this world, and therefore, one must adjust according to the times… Adjust Everywhere! Adjustment with each and every person is the biggest religion.”

When we change ourselves to be able to adjust with everyone and in every situation, then no matter how much and how far the world changes, we will never have any problem. Rather than holding onto our thoughts and opinions, when we adjust, things become easy and smooth. When we adjust to the other person in every situation, life becomes beautiful. To try to change the world to make it work our way is the wrong understanding. And wrong understanding always leads to unhappiness. Whereas to easily and lovingly adjust with everyone in every situation is right understanding, and right understanding leads to happiness.

So, we do not have to change the outside world; when we just accept it and adjust to it, our world changes instantly!!

Is Adjustment Easy?

Not really! But when we rise above good and bad, right and wrong, there is no suffering. And it is then that adjustment comes easy and naturally.

There is actually nothing like pleasure and pain, right and wrong, in and out. It’s all in the mind. Whatever we choose to imagine in our mind creates the tangible world that we live in. It is our desire that gives rise to our world. When we know really ‘who am I?’ the ego dissolves. And that is when we realize and begin to see the flaws, the anger, the false pride, the greed, the laziness and all the self-sabotaging tendencies that are all along lying intact within us and are at the source of all desires. Just seeing these with the right vision make them go. And when they go, our world changes altogether and this time it’s forever.

So, how do you get to know who you really are? Only the Living Gnani can make us know really who am I; the Enlightened Soul can enlighten others. He is the one in this world who can actually change the world in the real sense!!!


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