How Will Mercury’s Long Stint In Pisces Help You With Your Intuition?…

How Will Mercury’s Long Stint In Pisces Help You With Your Intuition?

Mercury is now in Pisces and will be there until almost the middle of April, giving us the ability to comprehend high vibe energy on a more subconscious level. Now, when you think of the Mercury vibe, it is not always associated with this Zodiac Sign because it is all about logic and facts, but when it enters Pisces, we are hit with the opportunity to explore our intuition. Because this Planet rules Pisces opposite sign, Virgo, we experience a polarity of this celestial body’s standard functions.

You will tend to come to conclusions by perception rather than logical reasoning. In fact, lucidity will not be your strong points, this is because there is a tendency to be foggier during this period, so it is wise to rely on your gut instinct rather than struggle with linear points of view.

Daydreaming and imagination will be ignited, and during this period, it will be like having a flood of creative energy flowing through you. Things like artistic block will wash away, and you will feel more expressive in the way you create. This is a time to enjoy the visual arts, drama, dance, music, and poetry. Your receptivity will work on a higher level causing you to be more empathic than usual. The nature of this sign will cause your normal cognitive abilities to be turned down so you will be more willing to let your psychic abilities guide you to resolve everyday life situations.

Take this time to work on your vibes and how you receive energy, also learn to be cognizant of how to protect yourself from lower vibrations. Any barriers you have between your third eye will be dissolved by this energy allowing for you to have more visions and awaken areas of your psychic mind that might have been blocked. Be compassionate to yourself because there might be a tendency to be more frustrated because the energy of this planet makes you delve deep into your subconscious to work out things from the past. When this happens, try to find a way to navigate through this and fix what is going on, burn some sage, and grab some healing stones to move past this area in your mind that needs resolution.

Also, Mercury will be in Retrograde during this time so take this period to reflect and look at the other areas of your life that could use some healing. You will have about 6 weeks to work these vibes to your advantage, this is a time for you to raise your awareness, so take this energy and work it to your benefit.

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Transits connecting to Mercury in Pisces

Let’s look at the connecting aspects tide to Mercury in Pisces as well as the retrograde that goes along with this transit to see how they will affect you. To see how this will influence your life on a personal level go to because this is a collective reading for everyone as a whole.

Mercury semisquare Venus- the flair of a true poet, motivational speaker, or charmer.

Poetic vibes fill the air causing others to have a way with words — more so than usual. There will be a ton of inspiration from people who know how to heal with their voice. It’s an excellent time to socialize and go to parties that involve art, poetry readings, or open mike nights. Also, the energy is terrific for meeting potential romantic partners. Additionally, this aspect could cause others to be a bit insincere, so if your gut is telling you something is wrong with the person you’re talking to listen to it, your intuition will help you decipher a liar from an honest individual.

Mercury conjunct- sun downloading information to your mind at a rapid level

Because this aspect is fast paced, you will have a ton of energy and will be able to absorb information quickly. Your ability to understand the world will cause you to have moments where it feels like you are just downloading the info. This rapid energy will cause you to feel jittery more so than average.

Mercury square- Jupiter enthusiasm, arrogance, and exploring the world

Enthusiasm is going to fill your mind, and you will feel like you are back to your old jovial self. This is going to cause you to be more social and make some long term plans that involve traveling to other countries or far distances away from home. There is more of a chance to run into arrogant individuals with an aspect like this because it causes the overly confident side to come out of people. Look over your contracts with a transit like this because the blind optimism will make you somewhat naïve.

Mercury sextile- Pluto going deep so you can transcend to a higher level

Pluto saves the day, and you will be able to understand hard subjects that are complex so use this time to learn things like psychology, astrology, or esoteric topics. The beautiful thing about this transit is it gives you the ability to look into your own complex situations so you can resolve them and transform the areas of your life that were stagnant.

Mercury trine- Moon’s north node karmic connections

Karmic vibes from the Nodes bring in luck and cause you to be able to feel more motivated to put yourself out there. This will cause you to meet people that are meant for you and will be helpful in ways that enlighten your soul, so if you are looking for a mentor, this would be the time to find the perfect one that brings you to the next level.


Harmonize your energy during this regressive period while Mercury is in Pisces. It’s a time to embrace the inner you, work on your intuitive abilities, and heal the areas of your life that need to be focused, especially the corners of your mind so you can become self-aware.


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