How Can Understanding God Help You Manifest?…

How Can Understanding God Help You Manifest?

What is God, Source, Divine really? Why do we believe in it? Is it blind faith or something deeper than that? And how does it serve us? Understanding what is God and what is really happening when you meditate or pray will allow you to correctly and constructively use your belief and the energy you put out to manifest your reality. Today I would like to share with you a more simple way of understanding what is God, especially if you have resistance to this word.

Because God, Creator, Absolute sometimes sounds too mystical or religious and that scares some people away. But if you figure out what is the purpose of believing in this mystical energy, you will be able to take advantage of your understanding and become the master of your reality. As I already mentioned in my other articles, God is pure raw consciousness or life force energy. It is the power that created all that exists and that works and expresses itself through everything in this existence, including you. The more energetic and conscious you are, the more God energy you channel.

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But let’s consider a less mystical perspective

Think about it, why do we believe in something that is bigger than us? What does it give us to believe that something more vast than us exists? Why when you pray, you pray to God, the highest of the highest and not your friend, your parents or yourself? Why some mystical being or energy? You pray to God, Creator, Universe, because you BELIEVE that it is something much more powerful than you and that belief, in a deeper subconscious level, makes you feel like you’re not alone, that you do not have to carry all the problems of the humanity on your shoulders. And that’s one of the reasons why after your prayers or spiritual practices you feel more relaxed.

Yes, that’s the word – relaxed.

You feel that if there is something bigger than you, then maybe you can share the weight of your problems with that consciousness, you can ask for its help and that makes you relax a little more, it gives you hope. All of a sudden, you don’t need to figure it all out. If we have a serious issue in our life and it doesn’t get resolved no matter what we do, no matter who we talk to, most of us lose faith in life, people around us or even ourselves. We lose faith that we can solve the problem. We do not feel like we can trust ourselves. And it is in those moments of our life that we turn into something bigger than us, like – God.

So what God really is – it’s your ultimate source of trust

Something invisible, something that you do not fully understand, but something that gives you hope. And that is the most important thing to understand. I will repeat that again. God is your ultimate source of Trust. If you would truly trust yourself, you probably wouldn’t even need a source of Trust outside of yourself. But that is extremely rare and even if it does happen, it usually comes with a price because unconditional self-belief without profound ego work can lead to a power trip and a stagnation in spiritual evolution. I believe that hat’s how cult leaders are born!

So since most of us do not have unconditional trust in ourselves or life and nature, we often turn into something that we believe is “ higher” than us. Because when we trust somebody, we are less worried. We believe that things will resolve themselves. We feel like there is less weight on your shoulders. And what’s the most amazing is that when we trust, there is also a physical reaction that happens in our bodies. Our bodies relax, our circulation starts improving, energy flows better and all the tension starts to melt away. And because of that our heart is able to communicate with our brain once again and all of a sudden we start getting insights. And all of a sudden we start feeling physically better.

And that’s how healing happens.

And this kind of healing can happen every day. You can heal from where you are. You can find answers to your problems from where you are. All you need to do is to find your source of trust. Whatever it is. If you don’t feel like it can be you or your higher self, then maybe imagining Buddha, Jesus,  Angels, or maybe just divine energy is what you need at the moment. Ideally, you always set an intention to communicate only to the highest of the highest, to the beings of the divine presence, to pure consciousness, because there are also other beings that you do not necessarily want to connect with.

If you will establish a strong connection with your source of trust and you will be able to fully relax, surrender, you will heal and you will manifest the life you desire. It is very simple.

However, there is one issue.

Your mind

Your mind believes that it is NOT enough, your mind thinks that you need to do something very special to manifest the life that you want, to solve your problems, that you need years of dedication. Your mind believes that you need to act. It thinks that the more physical things you will do, the faster you’ll get where to where you want to be. The more you will try, the more perfect you will do something, the better the results will be.


But that is why so many people seek to see miracle healers and travel to sacred places to find healing, find love, find answers. Because that feels more special to them. That feels like an action big enough to change something in their life. That grows their faith. And yes, if they do have enough trust, they end up getting what they were searching for, because their belief is so big, that they are finally able to relax and surrender. Of course, the energetics of certain healers and places are very strong and that is another very important part of healing, but how much energy will affect the person will depend on how much he trusts and allows the healing to happen.

But you do not need to do things like that to get somewhere to achieve something. You do not need it. You could literally manifest while meditating, praying or letting go of your emotions. Everything that exists in this life was first created on an energetic level, not physical. Including even the pyramids! That’s where your manifestation can start today.

You just do not believe it enough. And it is normal. It’s very hard to believe in something big happening right away. Your mind won’t let you do it. You have to train your mind to trust little things first, to surrender to little things first. And then keep increasing. Keep trusting bigger things. First try to manifest somebody buying you a coffee, try to manifest finding 10 dollars. Something very simple at first. And then you can go on to manifesting a perfect partner and making an extra 1000 dollars.

How successful you will be will depend on how much you will trust and of course, another important factor – your karma (unreceived emotions).

So are you ready to start?


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