How To Trust And Enhance Your Intuition: The Journey To A Better Life…

How To Trust And Enhance Your Intuition: The Journey To A Better Life

Intuition: why should we trust this “thing”? 

What is intuition? Some say that it is a sense, a feeling. Maybe it is a hunch? Intuition, according to Cambridge Dictionary, is about understanding something without thinking, without reasoning, and without using your mind. From the beginning of our education, we are told to think to solve problems. Use your head for everything you do, and solve every problem with thoughtfulness. That is all good until the unexpected happens.

Here is my story. Since 2015 I was running a very successful yoga business, we had two locations in Perth, Australia, and taught hundreds of students yearly. In 2019, we were at the peak of our business success, and everyone around me, including my parents, was very proud of me. My intuition, however, told me that something needed to shift. I suddenly felt that strong call to sell the studio as soon as possible.


Sell it.

It made absolutely no sense to me or anyone around. Yet, I followed through and found a buyer. Then COVID came. You know the story: in the last 2 years, businesses relying on physical locations took some of the hardest hits from the pandemic. Intuition saved me from bankruptcy but more importantly, intuition saved me from the heartache of managing a yoga studio at the peak of the pandemic. The buyer, an astute and savvy businesswoman, navigated the Covid era well – much better than I ever could have!

This story and other instances when I disregarded the voice of reason and made a choice in favor of my intuition gave me enough clarity to trust these messages even when they seem out of whack. Even my dad, who first thought I was out of my mind stepping out of a successful business, later realized that when I followed my intuition, I brought better things into my life. Now I live my life guided 100% by my inner voice, and it just keeps getting better and better. The more I learn to trust my intuition, the more daring my decisions are becoming. In addition, as I live more and more fearlessly, the Universe is bringing to me more magic, more abundance, and more bliss than I ever thought imaginable.

How can you learn to use this tool in your life, then? If you’re not thinking, then how do you get the answers? I often quote: “The mind has no answers. And the heart has no questions”.

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You are the sacred antenna. How clear is your signal?

Everyone has a sacred antenna for crystal clear Divine Universal Communication. Intuition is our birthright. Yet, the signal might not be clear because of all the distractions of everyday life: TV, social media, alcohol, the mainstream educational system, etc.

Intuition is one’s birthright yet it flows differently for each of us. Some people are seers of images and visuals in the subtle space of their minds. Unlike a TV screen, psychic visuals are super soft and often very short and fleeting. To see is to be Clairvoyant. Others can hear the whisper-quiet voice of the divine speaking through them. This voice often sounds like a crystal clear thought form. To hear is to be Clairaudient. Some feel the energy of spirit through their bodies. This feeling could be a cold shiver, goosebumps, or anything that allows them to know that spirit is there. To feel is to be clairsentient.

The truth is, we can all tap into all three of these gifts simultaneously. You may find that one gift comes through stronger first and the others take longer to develop. The important thing is to hold gratitude for the message no matter how it comes through. Our intuition flows through us in the form of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience when we are clear and open channels. To be a clear and open channel is to be unpolluted in mind and body.

Get out of your head, Get into your heart. Enhancing your intuition with love

So, how to get into that space where the mind is still and you can receive answers? This will be challenging to begin with and you may struggle. Remember, this is normal. You are retraining a mind that has been free to think wildly all day every day to be still and quiet.

Train your mind and body to fall in love with the magic of the now. Learn to love the present moment so deeply that no thought or fantasy can compare to the magic of the now moment. Turn on the inner gaze by just starting to notice what is happening inside of you. Notice your breath, your heartbeat, your emotions, and the sensations present. Learn to enjoy and love your quiet observation of your internal world. Notice the world around you: the smells, the beauty, the tastes, and the textures of the present moment.

From this space, and the willingness to share my journey, I channeled and crafted my book, The Keepers of the Light Codes. This book will challenge you to be open to love, forgiveness, and acceptance of things as they are to just be. We need to feel grounded and remember our humanity while remaining connected to our spiritual selves. To enhance your intuition, every time you notice yourself going off on a mind tangent, pull yourself back to the present moment. Remember, all of time and space, and therefore all psychic intuition exists within the present moment.

Four practical ways to tune into the greatest guidance

Mind chatter seems to be there all the time. I get it! We sometimes need cues to step into that space where we can receive guidance. Here are little hints on how to access intuition when you’re trying:

1. Get out of your head, get into your heart. You already know how: just let your mind be silent and drop in your heart!

2. Ditch the subconscious programs. Taking care of your health is the first step to accessing your highest guidance. Therefore, try to drink better water quality and eat better food. To the body, anything that causes brain fog or calcifies the pineal gland needs to be avoided. For instance, I avoid with no exceptions these things: tap water (flouride in the tap water calcifies the pineal gland), regular toothpaste (use fluoride-free for the same reason), and anything containing heavy metals.

3. Daily meditation: Little hints on how to meditate:

  • Close your eyes for 5 minutes and focus on the sounds all around you.
  • Look around and try to notice more. Notice the light as it shimmers and shadows on the walls.
  • Close your eyes and notice how your body feels for 5 minutes.
  • Scan your body with your mind and notice the sensations, the breath, and the subtle movements.
  • Close your eyes and try to deepen your breath. You can attach a count. In for 7, out for 7. You can put yourself a timer for 5 minutes.
  • Toning: Hum, Om, or any other mantra with a vibration, notice how the vibration of your sound massages your body.
  • Turn off the sound of anything that can distract you from the inner gaze.
  • Notice: what do you smell? What is your taste?
  • The ultimate point – eyes open, look around, breathe, feel and notice all at once without thinking. Just be for as long as possible with your highest love and gratitude.

4. Let go, let God. Experience the Divine in every waking moment. Be present now and see the angels in the sky while sipping your morning coffee. After trying these pure presence practices, try journaling, mindful movement, mindful cooking, mindful cleaning, mindful working, mindful childcare, mindful driving, and mindful life. Try to complete the activities that you normally complete but without thinking about something else. Be in every moment fully. This is the ultimate in-mind training and the fast-track route to intuitive activation.

Every moment you would usually take out your phone and scroll: stop, close your eyes, and connect to your heart. This practice is your medicine and the quickest way to fast-track your connection to your intuition.

When you release the need to be in control and allow the universe to work for you, life becomes not only easier but also spectacularly more beautiful. So stay connected to your heart and let go.

You are loved beyond measure, and you are so incredibly guided.


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Rhiannon Heins

Rhiannon Heins is an Australian healer, intuitive channel, and energy worker. She was trained as a bodyworker and yoga teacher…

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