How To Maintain Good Karma And Live A Happy Life…

How To Maintain Good Karma And Live A Happy Life

Good karma is directly related to your disposition. Don't forget that!

When unexplainable things happen most people claim it’s karma, destiny, or fate. These things supposedly happen at random and have no real tangible connections, or so it is popularly believed. However, this theory has been proven to be untrue. Everything and everyone is intimately and intricately linked in one way or another. Those lucky few who are able to attain a level of spiritual realization are able to discern this phenomenon.

Basically, the karma of an individual is linked to the emotional resonance which is either consciously or unconsciously projected or attracted. Literally speaking one attracts what one gives out. The way this individual response and attraction works is the frequency it draws from to form the balance of energies on a spiritual level.

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What’s behind it

Every emotional state dictates the people and energies drawn to it. If the positive energy is strong and inviting then it, in turn, will attract like-minded individuals with the same positive energy. It’s also probably one of the reasons that people are attracted to a powerful and capable individual rather than timid and tepid personalities. The vibrancy of the karma is the pulling factor and those who have this are never short of positive outlooks in life.

Sometimes people will give up easily on things with defeated thinking, that it was ‘just not meant to be’, or ‘not in their karma’, but this train of thought is really unfounded. Karma is not an unchangeable destiny or fact. Karma is not something to resign to and certainly never out of an individual’s control.

Karma can be changed by altering the cosmic signature of an individual. This cosmic signature is literally the resonance frequency of energy attraction that the individual is either putting out or attracting. By making the concentrated effort to always focus on the positive, the energy harnessed from this train of thought will eventually yield what is termed as ‘good karma’.

How good karma can benefit your life

Being generous is a positive quality that most people can relate to. Generally people like being around generous individuals as opposed to selfish and self-centered individuals! The positive energy surrounding this quality is very attractive and will inadvertently draw the outside positive elements into the immediate circle of the individual’s life. With so much positive energy now in the ‘circle’ there will probably be instances where this energy is able to ward off or change any negative energy.

As mentioned, good karma often attracts the same, hence by smiling and keeping a good attitude towards all outside elements, the same will be returned in the ‘what goes around comes around’ scenario. Having this disposition allows the positive surrounding karma to shine out and touch others in a positive way and thus unlikely to cause a negative reaction from any unpleasant situation. By this simple sunny disposition, an individual learns to adopt on a daily basis will create the positive karma aura needed to carry through any trying times.

There is even a probability that good karma can help steer good things into the circle of an individual’s life. This is on the basis that good attracts good. When the positive disposition of an individual shines through, it is more than likely that opportunities will present themselves at every turn and also at the most opportune times. Good karma also translates into good health. When an individual has a happy and contented outlook in life, this will only add to the betterment of his or her health condition.

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