How To Know If You Are ‘Psychic’ And Spot A Scam…

How To Know If You Are ‘Psychic’ And Spot A Scam

The qualities of a psychic person can be difficult to identify. Here's how to do it.

Have you heard of people who suddenly “see” the solution to a problem when they are relaxed and their mind is not active? For example, you are taking a shower and at any given moment you have a sudden vision of the solution to your problems at work. This same information could also come to you while you are meditating, thinking, or doing yoga. Studies have shown that these practices seem to change our activity in brain waves.

But apparently, there are people who are more predisposed to this type of information than the rest. Those who have spent their entire lives studying psychic phenomena assure us that most of us, if not all, are psychic to one degree or another. There are many people who experience certain events in their lives that indicate cases of telepathy (communication of thoughts) or precognition (knowing what is going to happen at a certain time). Maybe it has only happened to them once or several times. However, maybe it happens to them quite frequently.

There are many people who believe they have a certain psychic power, a kind of sixth sense. You can call it intuition, sixth sense, psychic abilities … The truth is that many people feel from time to time things that, although they can’t be explained rationally, allow them to understand situations or understand the thoughts of others.

This does not mean they can see the future or they have magical powers. It’s rather that they have a special sensitivity that allows them to better know other people or even predict certain events. In fact, everyone has the potential to be psychic but, as in everything, you have to work to develop it. It is not necessary to have a family tradition to be a psychic. This ability is something that everyone is born with, but it is usually lost because of the environment in which people develop or their personal conditions. It’s better if you understand awakening symptoms.

And you, do you think you’re psychic? Do you have a sixth sense?

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Psychic abilities or sixth sense

A psychic perceives the energy, feelings and information around a person, situation or personal relationship. There is a big difference between a psychic and a medium since the latter “can receive messages from people who have passed away.” In contrast, a psychic is able to read the minds of others thanks to his ability to understand the complex web of energy and feelings around him. In this way, it can help shed light on a specific event or a personal situation.

Therefore, it is very likely that you also have your own abilities. Being psychic is a way of being intuitive, that is, it is based more on feelings than on rational thinking. And it happens often, like when you have a hunch about something. However, you need to do some routine exercises to sharpen your abilities.

Kasamba’s psychics have several solutions to help you.

Common predictions

You have probably experienced that feeling that something is happening before it even happens. That is, in reality, your psychic part showing you it exists. Predicting information about the future is something that can happen spontaneously. For example, have you ever remembered someone and the next minute you received a message from that person?

These types of common predictions show us that we are more attuned to our environment than we think. One day you decide to take a different route to work and later you find out there has been some delay in your normal route. So these kinds of hunches can be very useful if you listen to them. These kinds of premonitions or predictions can come from nowhere. But if you decide to ignore them, maybe later you’ll regret not trusting your instincts.

Qualities of a psychic person

What psychic qualities do you demonstrate?

Everyone has certain psychic abilities but there are people more reluctant to have an open mind. The left part of the brain is related to logic, the rational, the analysis of situations and concrete and objective ideas. In contrast, if the right part is used more, the personality will be different. On this side, someone may feel more comfortable with the idea of predicting things, for example.

A very important aspect for a psychic is empathy and being able to understand the feelings of other people. And with that part of the brain, it is easier, since it’s associated with intuition, chance, or subjective and global thinking. Therefore, the psychic qualities in a person will depend a lot on their way of being, their temperament, and their tastes. Someone who is very analytical and rational or who do not feel comfortable expressing their emotions will have more difficulty developing this sixth sense, no matter how much they are interested in it.

The negative part

We would all like to have a little help from time to time to understand complicated situations and predict things. In this sense, psychics can be interesting, empathetic and understandable friends, but having psychic abilities has some disadvantages as well.

For example, they are very influenced by negative feelings, such as anger or depression. In addition, they may feel overwhelmed or tired in noisy, light-filled or crowded places due to the amount of overflowing energy around. To prevent these symptoms, it is important to know how to disconnect and learn to take care of oneself. In this way, one’s own energy can be safeguarded to protect the body from what it considers to be external aggressions. To reduce negative energies you can ask for guidance from professional paranormal practitioners. But you must be careful of the scam ones.

How to recognize a false psychic

First, most scammers are like bugs; they take advantage of the vulnerable to make sure that you are in a clear state of mind and can think clearly. Do not let negative emotions blind you to reason. Second, evaluate your seller:

  • Does that person use his real name? Someone who uses a false name or alias is more likely to be a scam.
  • Do a background check on him or her.
  • Do they have customers and reviews/testimonials?
  • Can that person explain in simple terms what he does? If a salesperson can’t or is reluctant to explain how and what he does, be careful. Can you do testing psychic abilities?

By recognizing the scam one, you can avoid further losses and can deepen your spiritual abilities without disturbances that will keep you away from your spiritual path. You might need ScamWatch to spot the fake ones.

Hopefully this article can inspire you and help you bring about psychic energy in your life!


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