How To Get Started With Color Therapy…

How To Get Started With Color Therapy

Color therapy has its roots in ancient mysticism from different cultures all over the world. In the West, the old Egyptians and Greeks used colored stones, crystals, minerals, and oils to ease ailments. Treatment sanctuaries were painted in various shades to facilitate healing. In the Middle Ages, this healing art was banned, and practitioners were persecuted. Paracelsus, a Swiss physician, reintroduced it during the Renaissance and emphasized the importance of light and color for good health.

In the East, the Persian doctor Avicenna advanced color as a healing method. He stressed that it should for both diagnosing and treating disease. In the eighteenth century, magic and mystery were replaced by rationalism and science. And once again, color was pushed to the back. It has once again been revived in the West and today color healing methods are used to treat various physical and mental challenges, including jaundice, cancer, seasonal affective disorder, and insomnia.

As a contemporary color therapist, I am fascinated by the power of color to identify physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. Since discovering it, I have been using it as a tool for self-development and an effective way to live mindfully.

So, how can you get started with this ancient healing method and apply it to modern-day life?

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Take an Inventory of the Colors in Your World

Go on a scavenger hunt of your home and your workplace. Look in your wardrobe, your kitchen, your garden, your desk, your rooms and make a list of all the colors in each space. Use the seven colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – as a foundation for your inventory. When you’re done, become aware of the dominant colors in your world. Your favorite colors say much about your personality, and your strengths and challenges. If you have a rainbow in your world, good for you! It means that you accept and love all parts of you!

Notice the colors that are missing

Now that you know what the dominant colors in your life are, take your list and notice which colors are missing. As a color therapist, I interpret and translate the colors that you reject into those parts of you that you haven’t explored yet. For example, if there is no yellow in your life you feel powerless or are constantly disappointed by others or the self. You could also be stuck in childhood patterns, which affect your self-esteem.

Connect an emotion or association with the color

In your meditation hour, look at your list of favorite colors and the ones that are missing. Consciously link an emotion or memory to each of the colors. If you feel any resistance in your body when you look at a certain color, make a note of where you felt it and explore the deeper meaning of the color.

Note your color crushes

You know how you wake up one day and fall in love with a color that you’ve never noticed before? Note this new color crush. It means more than meets the eye. Your color crush tells you what your soul needs now to evolve.

Surround yourself with the colors that make you smile

Make sure you have the color of your heart; that color that simply lights up your day and your mood in whatever form always by your side. Whether you eat it, wear it, or have it in your home. And whenever you have a bad time drink in this color and see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Once you’ve mastered the basics of color consciousness, you can start exploring the deeper and hidden meanings of this spiritual language.


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