How My Twin Flame’s Unavailability Helped Me Level Up…

How My Twin Flame’s Unavailability Helped Me Level Up

If you are attracted to this article, you probably have been on the twin flame journey for some time now. Perhaps you have found it an unrewarding experience, especially when you are unable to be with your love in this physical reality, or you feel rejected and forgotten by the one you love. I have experienced similar frustration and wanted to share with you a part of my journey in which the deepest despair put me on track to great peace and joy.

Twin flame love will not always be beyond your reach. It will not always feel like a series of disappointments and heartaches. I have been exactly where you are. It is not where you are going to be forever.

If your journey has been filled with suffering, take heart. Your capacity to experience joy and love is every bit as deep as it has been for the pain.

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My Experience

After my last attempt at seeing my twin in the physical did not go the way I wanted, I felt crushed. I wanted to reach out for support, but most of the people I knew who understand this experience were unavailable, and I did not feel able to share with friends or family. It pushed me deep within myself, and through this, I realized that the desire to reach out to someone else was just an avoidance tactic.

My pain was inside me, waiting for my own willingness to be truthful and intimate with it. It was waiting for my own validation. The answers were all inside me too, but I had to go through the pain to reach them. It took a deep level of surrender – the kind of surrender you can only reach when there are no words for what you’ve experienced, and to say you’re “heartbroken” barely scratches the surface.

I cried for hours. I could not sleep for a couple of nights. Music, books, and television could not distract me from what I felt. Everything in the world felt so harsh, even harsher than normal for me (an HSP and empath) – the news, the ways people talk to each other, commercials on the radio.

My despair was not only about the rejection I perceived from a loved one. All of it together was an endless cacophony that only served to remind me of the intensity of separation and everything about humanity that brings up sadness for me.

Once I finished grieving the experience I could not have at that time, I felt cleansed. I felt strong because I had soothed myself instead of looking to another person to heal me. I loved my twin more than ever because that experience with him helped me to see my own strength. I felt grateful that, as souls, my twin and I chose to show up in each other’s human experience.

What I Learned

My twin has since come through to me in a dream, confirming his love for me. I told him in the dream, and I tell him all the time through soul communication, I will always love him. My learning through the experience helped me a great deal through challenges with other men in my life or people that I viewed as being unloving toward me.

I have improved at detaching from my desires or events that I view as unfortunate in life, looking at the silver lining and the bigger picture of them all. I still have days where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed or forget what a powerful creator I am, but I don’t stay in that “down” energy as long as I used to. I always emerge stronger and better than before, more willing to take responsibility for what I have created and do better next time.

I know people may feel discouraged and come to believe the twin flame experience is only there to serve as a learning and growth experience. A beautiful love that can never be. However, that is not the message of this article, and that is not my belief about what this is. Pain and disappointment do not have to be permanent parts of your experience. Part of my leveling up was my realization that I could grow through pleasant, loving moments. I only had to be willing to leave the past behind me.

Once the tears were shed and my heart cleansed, there was no need for me to continually rehash what went wrong or the ways I felt rejected in the past. Those things served their purpose. You, too, can intend that any pain experienced within your connection has also taught you what you needed to know, and you can move on to more pleasant experiences now. This is something that you may have to affirm – often – before it becomes more visible in your everyday reality and relationship with your twin.

Receiving certain vibrations and insights can help you level up without any need for you to go through a tough experience. That is exactly how I intend to help others by writing these articles, and you can intend that you have leveled up only in the time in took to read this!

I am always sending you love and the understanding that through love, all things are possible.

I’ll meet you there.


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