How To Keep Yourself And Your Home Spiritually Clean This Year…

How To Keep Yourself And Your Home Spiritually Clean This Year

The arrival of the new year is a time of renewal and reawakening yourself to the goodness life has to offer. All things seem possible again as you determine to be a better you in the coming months ahead. However, the negative outcomes of the past year may be preventing you from achieving your fullest potential in your endeavors.

Less-than-positive thoughts may still find a home inside your mind, potentially holding you back from taking advantage of many wonderful opportunities. Not only that, your living space can also contribute to a negative state of being. To start the new year right, you need to spiritually cleanse your home as well as yourself. Only then will progress in your journey to self-improvement be made. When the spirituality of both your home and yourself are in balance, a whole world of positive experiences will await you. Here’s how you can get started.

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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Before you can focus on shaping a better you, you need to make sure the environment you surround yourself with is conducive for that. When the energy your home produces is in conflict with your own energy, it will counteract any positive changes you try to instate. By cleansing your home of any negative forces, you will ensure this year will be a more peaceful and mindful one.

One of the first things you can do is clean the entrances of your home. There’s a saying that goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” If that’s so, think how important it is to clean your actual windows! Just as people use entrances to come in and out of a home, energy functions in much the same way. However, negative energy can just as easily come into your house as positive energy. To safeguard your home from these negative forces, clean all your doors and windows to bar entry from malicious energy. A solution of water, lemon juice, white vinegar, and salt should do the trick. Although energy flows in and out of the entrances of your home, don’t let that scare you from opening a window every now and then. Sunlight and fresh air does the soul good and has the best effects when not filtered through a pane of glass. When you’re rejuvenated by the natural clean air and sunshine, it’s time to redecorate!

The spiritual state of your home can become stagnant if not much is done with it. By rearranging furniture or painting your walls a different color, it will give your space an entirely different feel. Even if your home isn’t new, the new makeover of your interior design will lift your spirits and bring positivity into your life. You can even spruce up the sounds your ears hear as well. Having a little quiet time here and there is always needed and advised, but long durations of silence can invite the wrong kind of energy. By playing therapeutic music that you like, your mental health and your house will soon be in sync.

Although great to start off the new year, these rituals should be practiced all year round, especially if you move to a new home, when many people come in and out of your house, or whenever you feel negative energies are making their way back in.

A More Positive “You”

When you’re in a space that promotes positivity and well-being, you’re ready to start cleansing your own spirit from the inside out. You can start by asking yourself some big questions. Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you want to do in life. When you answer these questions, you will have a better understanding of yourself and where to begin to achieve your life’s goals.

Write these thoughts down in a journal or piece of paper. Record anything that comes to mind, negative or positive, and air your feelings out in the open. This practice is especially beneficial when going through a time when your emotions are at a high point. Releasing pent-up feelings through the written word will help you make sense of your situation and cleanse your spirit like no other. If your spiritual well-being is more reactive to physical motions, give yoga a try. Yoga not only helps release bodily stress but mental stress as well. The many physical and mental benefits of this physical exercise and way of life is reason enough to practice on a regular basis no matter how much positive energy you contain.

Traveling is also known to clear the mind of negativity and broaden your horizons. Visiting new or beloved places will help you focus on the good and less on what troubles you. Going on a trip with the positive people in your life will help to lift your spirits as well. Traveling can also give you a new perspective on life and give you a more positive and mindful viewpoint on many things. Lastly, remember to reconnect with yourself at least once a day through meditation. Schedule it in your calendar if it’s hard for you to find the time, especially if you’re a student. Meditating is great for introspection and giving your body and mind a break to relax. A tense state of being is a welcome mat of all sorts of negative energy, so taking the time to sit down and breathe is crucial for your spiritual health.

No matter what you decide to do, this new year will be as positive as you make it out to be. You have control over the actions you take and the direction your thoughts take you. However, you can give yourself a better chance of enjoying the year to come more abundantly by preparing yourself for what’s to come now. When your home is a haven of positive spiritual energy, it will be much easier to start a positive renewal within yourself as well. Once your home and yourself are spiritually cleansed, you’ll be able to take on whatever this new year has in store for you.


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