Holding On To Your Spirituality In A Crazy World…

Holding On To Your Spirituality In A Crazy World

I’m no expert in spiritual matters but, as human beings, we all are capable of thinking and expressing what’s good and bad in our spiritual experiences.

In many ways, I feel a great depth of gratitude for simply being alive this very moment in history. If I were given a choice at the dawn of life which era I’d live my portion of life in, it would surely have been this very moment in time. Look at the progress our human family has made! We, as the community of people, have come a long way in the pursuit of scientific, economic, social, and technological wonders. Surely, the generations who passed the baton to us couldn’t be more proud of where we are today and what we have achieved.

Going only a few hundred years back in time, we can imagine how life would have been without electricity, without the internet, and without all those communication tools we are taking so far granted today. Everything is at our fingertips, from information to communication to entertainment sources. To fulfill our smart communication needs, there are smart devices; to satiate our human desire for social connections, there are social media platforms; to help us find information at the speed to light, there are information engines; to transport us from one place to another distant corner of the earth, there’re airplanes, bullet trains, cars, and other efficient means; and to entertain us in sour times like COVID-19, there are all kinds of nifty options — televisions, digital platforms, immersive games, and a lot more.

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Seeing the primacy of the inner world

Why then do I dare say ours is “a crazy world”? Well, I think there’s more to our inner world than the fancy outsides of life. Sure, we have become materially and technologically advanced in every imaginable way, but are we making half as much progress in areas that concern the nourishment of our human souls? The answer to me, unfortunately, appears to be No.

Most of us are no longer in sync with nature or the divine forces that govern our universe at the grand scale of things. We are so immersed in the material and artificial world of our time that we find no occasion for what essentially matters to the spiritual part of our being. I usually talk with friends and people in my little social circle about such things as maintaining a balance between the inner and outer lives. Their answers hardly surprise me. They seem to complain to their souls that they are more connected and busy physically and less connected and lonely spiritually.

That’s a sad scenario.

And to me, it appears to be our collective dilemma that we are mentally and psychologically being controlled by the masters of our own invention. This is even truer in the case of young people who were born, raised, and facilitated with modern technologies. Though their lives are more ingrained with fancy tools, nifty devices, rich technological resources, they can hardly use them to attain spiritual fulfilments. How can they pull back, put things in their right places, and realign their priorities to be able to live spiritually fulfilled lives?

A remedy

I think it all begins with some realization at heart. In other words, if you feel that you’re not in control of your spiritual life and your inner world has been devoid of energy and true happiness, it’s time to cut back on what’s artificial and focus more on what’s spiritual. Spend an hour a day in contemplation, meditation, focused thoughts, or whatever you want to call it. The idea is that, at some point in life, you have to wake up and start working on the spiritual responsibilities you’ve been forsaking so long.


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